Share a Holiday Hug This Season!

November 23, 2021

This holiday season, Capstone and Buncee are teaming up for Holiday Hugs and we invite your classrooms to join us! Holiday Hugs helps spread cheer to children spending their holidays in the hospital with thoughtful ecards AND fun books. The more Holiday Hugs students create, the more books we’ll donate to Children’s Minnesota, a nonprofit pediatric health system...

Why We Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

November 5, 2021

November is Native American Heritage Month. Like Indigenous Peoples’ Day, which is celebrated in October, Native American Heritage Month is a chance to celebrate Indigenous resourcefulness, resistance, and resilience. It’s a recognition of Native peoples, cultures, and languages, and it’s an opportunity to honor our pasts, our presents, and our futures...

Favorite Picture Books to Teach Social Emotional Learning

October 29, 2021

I am so excited to introduce myself. My name is Joe Burns, and I am a new member of the Capstone curriculum team. Prior to joining Capstone, I spent 10 years teaching in public education ranging from kindergarten through fourth grade. I pride myself on being able to find unique, engaging, and authentic ways to present concepts to students. I have a passion for emotional intelligence and celebrating the diversity of school communities...

5 Creepy Cool Creatures

October 1, 2021

Big, orange eyes. Venomous fangs. A liquid diet of blood. A living body with no head.

These creatures are made for scary stories! But while some may call them creepy, we think they're pretty cool and a lot of kids do too! Who says a creature can’t be both frightening AND awesome anyway? We’ve gathered our top five favorite creepy and cool creatures. Help rewrite their scary narrative and share these fascinating creatures with your readers. Who knows, maybe you’ll even agree that what makes these critters creepy, is also very cool...

15 Perfect Back-to-School Books!

September 2, 2021

Back-to-school can be an exciting time, but also one filled with uncertainty and big feelings. Books can be a perfect way to start conversations about all of the changes and the emotions that children may be feeling. From common school worries like being away from home or fitting in, to reintroducing important social emotional learning skills and personal hygiene, here are some of our favorite books to ease kids back to school. If you’re looking for the perfect read for back-to-school, we have you covered!

What Camila Means to Me as A Bicultural POC

August 16, 2021

Bicultural…I’m not sure when I learned the word, but I remember the exact moment when I learned the idea. I was about 9 years old. I was invited to my neighbor’s house for dinner. They were white, monocultural (as far as I know) Americans. They had customs I had never been exposed to like cloth napkins and table settings, but those weren’t the moment. The moment came when the main dish was served: fried chicken. Up until then, my culinary experience had been limited to mole, caldo, tortillas, rice, and beans. Even my few excursions to restaurants had been limited to Mexican restaurants. Fried chicken was otherworldly. Fried chicken was exotic. That dinner was my introduction to the idea that the culture I grew up with and the culture that surrounded me were not the same, although both were a part of me...