Bookroom Teacher's Guides

Our resources provide the instructional support teachers need to get started with small group instruction, and can give seasoned teachers added support. The bookroom teacher’s guides show how to support students in small groups with strategies for:               

  • Grouping students for instruction
  • Selecting texts to match readers’ needs
  • Providing a lesson sequence that supports students before, during, and after reading
  • Honing in on close reading
  • Choosing skills and strategies to cover in small group instruction
  • Scheduling small group instruction and managing your classroom as you meet with small groups
  • Administering running records and other assessments
  • Monitoring students’ progress
  • Allowing for meaningful reader response

What is small-group instruction? In a small group of two to six readers, teachers can support and guide students using text on their instructional level. The focus on text in a small group helps students apply the strategies they need to become independent readers in materials that are matched to their abilities. These guides show how to support students in small groups.