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Learning Is For Everyone!

Every learner deserves books and educational resources that reflect them—their interests, their abilities, their cultures, their families, their traditions—and inspire them to be curious and informed about the world around them. Learning Is For Everyone!

Through Capstone’s original content, students are immersed and completely engaged with a new character, point of view, idea, or experience. With their curiosity sparked, those students are empowered to independently find and understand facts about their newly discovered, real-world interest using PebbleGo.

For students to become successful learners and have fun in the process, they need to access a variety of reading materials in a variety of ways. Whether it’s printed, digital, audio, or visual, kids need options and resources to learn in the way that is right for them. They need to be immersed in stories and facts about the world around them and develop the critical thinking skills to make sense of it all. It is essential for kids to see themselves in those stories to feel connected and to grow and learn.

Who we are

Capstone is the nation’s leading educational publisher of K-5 digital solutions, children’s books, and literacy programs for school libraries, classrooms, and at-home reading. Home of the award-winning PebbleGo™ curriculum-connected learning tool, Capstone has a passion for inspiring students to learn and their communities to thrive.

We support great teaching and learning with engaging content that values the work that educators do every day—helping students succeed. Capstone's dynamic content supports your district's implementation of literacy, whether it's core subject areas, English language acquisition, MTSS, health and well-being, or extended learning models. Capstone is your trusted source for literacy. We’ve been fortunate to play this part on behalf of students for over 30 years. Helping districts exceed the expectations of their communities inspires us in planning the next 30 years.  

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Equity, inclusivity, and accessibility

Capstone is passionate about equity, inclusivity, and accessibility for the benefit of all learners and their communities. There should be no barriers to learning. Students should be able to access books and educational resources that speak to their curiosity, their experiences, their imagination, and of course, their heart. Successful learners create thriving communities, and every day we commit to that. Learn more about our DEI&B initiatives here

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Where we started

Capstone's roots began in 1885 in the stone quarrying business, owned by the Coughlan family for four generations. If you look closely, you’ll find clues to reflect that heritage throughout our brands and imprints, for example: Pebble.

Over 30 years ago in 1990, Capstone Press was purchased by current owner, Bob Coughlan. A reluctant learner with an entrepreneurial spirit, Bob was inspired to ‘solve his own problem’ and dedicate Capstone to engaging students in a more powerful and meaningful way. To this day, Capstone is driven to make sure every learner achieves educational success.

Learn more about Capstone’s timeline.

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“I'm a reluctant learner. I have to be inspired. I would be the classic customer for Capstone, and that's one of the reasons why Capstone's been so satisfying for me over the years, that I see myself in a lot of these students.”

What we do

Whether it’s print or digital, Capstone is there to provide innovative solutions and resources.

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