Library Processing

Free Library Processing with Capstone

Capstone’s library processing system exceeds industry standards and will save you time and money. Plus, it’s free for Capstone Rewards members and on all orders with a minimum of 25 books. Receive your books shelf-ready for your school library, customized and labeled exactly how you’d like them. Our robust MARC records increase your circulation because of the number and quality of our access points, subject headings (LC, LC Children’s, and Sears) and keywords. Improved MARC records translate into broad search results and wider circulation. Capstone titles are already kids’ top choice. Now, your titles will fly off the shelves at an even faster pace.

Our library processing includes:

  • Thermal labels and protectors with increased durability
  • Optional labels for easy identification (i.e. Accelerated Reader™ labels)
  • Robust, improved MARC records, including full annotations and a minimum of three subject headings, resulting in optimized search results and increased circulations
  • Special customizations — just ask!
  • Dedicated Customer Service Processing Specialists to answer your questions or help set up your specifications

With our customized library processing, you decide how we attach your labels to work best for your library and your students. Create and save your library processing specifications to apply towards any order. Make changes over time, anytime.