a collection of makerspace books by Capstonea collection of makerspace books by Capstone


Makerspaces for School Libraries

Imagine, create, and educate! Makerspace is an educational concept taking school libraries by storm. Why? Anyone and everyone can be a maker! Whether you’re a builder, a problem solver, an artist, a craftsman, or an animator, Capstone has several titles that supplement makerspaces for school libraries. From 10-Minute Makers, full of quick, self-guided projects and activities, to Recycled Science, where fun and learning collide with experiments and science projects. Now you can teach skills to your young thinkers while maintaining the educational concepts their minds need. Whether your student is interested in coding, origami, drawing, or engineering, you can support their interests with educational projects that blend creativity and knowledge making for a more well-rounded learning experience.

Makerspaces are built with simple, inexpensive materials, and brought to life by creativity and imagination! School libraries can enhance their makerspaces with paperbacks, 4D titles, eBooks, and more, all from Capstone. Enter the world of makerspace.