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Tablet and computer displaying Capstone Interactive titlesTablet and computer displaying Capstone Interactive titles

Electronic Books, also known as eBooks, offer schools a way to provide students access to books 24/7 with content educators trust. When you order eBooks from Capstone, you’ll receive ad-free content with unlimited circulation into your school and multi-platform compatibility. Whether you choose to go completely digital with Capstone Interactive, or half and half with a Duo bundle, you’re sure to get more literature in the hands of more students and raise literacy throughout your school.

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Add eBooks to your PebbleGo package and save!

When you add eBooks to a PebbleGo Bronze, Silver or Gold Package, they are $15 each (standard price $39.99). Once eBooks are added to your library, they are yours to keep. For as long as you keep logging in, they will be there.

15 dollar ebooks