Rewards Program

Stretch Your Budget and Grow Your Library Collection With Capstone Rewards

Capstone Rewards members earn points on every print book, Interactive eBook, or PebbleGo purchase made from Capstone. You’ll be amazed at how fast the bonuses add up! Then spend your accumulated Capstone Rewards points on even more of our print books or Capstone Interactive eBooks.

Your purchases earn points at the following rates:

  • Hardcover books earn 75 points per book
  • Paperback books earns 25 points per book
  • Digital items earn 5% of their purchase price in points

Enrolling in Capstone Rewards is easy and free. Once signed up, you’ll receive a member number. Include that member number on all your Capstone purchase orders and your points will be automatically credited to your account or work with your Capstone sales representative to receive a print-friendly quote with this information.

Maximize Your Budget With Our Special Offers

Before you place your book order, check on our current special offers and promotions. Capstone offers seasonal promotions to make buying new books even more enjoyable and affordable. Capstone Rewards members can also look forward to fun opportunities to earn bonus points by attending our webinars or special events.