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Capstone makes it easy for you to find books to support New York City’s curriculum needs in social studies and science. Explore the book packages for each grade to find a selection that was developed specifically for the goal of scientifically literate and responsible students and prepare them for college, careers, and civic life. Capstone’s hallmark of clear and engaging text supported by dynamic photos and illustrations and fundamental text features like glossaries, make connections across different social studies disciplines. Capstone is here to bring you the content you need for engaging learning experiences. 

Capstone’s FAMIS approved packages are great for all students and we’re happy to customize book packages to meet the specific needs of your school or district. See the links below to access these materials. 


We are proud to provide quality resources for your school, from classroom libraries to online resources.
Below are a number of options curated specifically for NYC educators, but we are happy to help create customized packages that fit your student’s needs, as well. Please feel free to schedule a meeting, or reach out for any needs.

FAMIS approved titles FAMIS approved titles
FAMIS approved titlesFAMIS approved titles

Diverse Character Sets with a Focus on Inclusivity for all Students

Image of three diverse children playing with blocks
Social & Emotional Learning Books
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Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Collage of devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone) featuring PebbleGo research databaseCollage of devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone) featuring PebbleGo research database

PebbleGo & PebbleGo Next are an online research database specifically designed for K-5 students. Aligned to state and national standards, PebbleGo is packed with informational articles, ready-made activities, and literacy supports for students of all abilities. It boosts engagement and fosters independent learning in core subject areas. Your students will love exploring PebbleGo time and time again.

Image of PebbleGo Create logo with photos of PebbleGo Create screenshots on a laptop, monitor, and tabletImage of PebbleGo Create logo with photos of PebbleGo Create screenshots on a laptop, monitor, and tablet

Unleash your K-5 students’ creativity with PebbleGo Create, an all-new tool that can be added to any PebbleGo subscription. PebbleGo Create is an intuitive digital workspace for students to demonstrate learning and share their knowledge from PebbleGo. By pairing student-centered active learning with engaging curriculum-connected content, students can retain more essential concepts core to academic success.

Computer monitor displaying a Capstone Interactive Human Body Facts or Fibs titleComputer monitor displaying a Capstone Interactive Human Body Facts or Fibs title

With over 6,000 Interactive eBooks, Capstone is proud to have more content than any other publisher! All Capstone Interactive eBooks offer 24/7/365 access, with unlimited concurrent usage, have many unique features, such as natural-voice audio to model pronunciation and fluency, MARC record support—a Capstone exclusive, and so much more!

NYC Universal Literacy Initiative

Capstone provides New York educators with FAMIS approved Universal Literacy Instructional resources to facilitate literacy in K-2 students. Product packages feature titles and series that support the goal of having all students reading on grade level by the end of second grade. Download the PDF below to view product selections.


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