Interactive eBooks

Meet Capstone Interactive: Interactive eBooks for every student in your school.

With over 5,500 Interactive eBooks, Capstone is proud to have more content than any other publisher! With the access students want and the content educators can trust, Capstone Interactive eBooks have many unique features:

  • Read-aloud audio for EVERY book!
    Professional voice-over artists, not robotic text-to-speech, engage students and provides evidence-based scaffolding for pre-readers, struggling readers, English language learners, and more.

  • Multi-user, simultaneous access.
    Say goodbye to hold lists and multiple copy purchases. Your Capstone Interactive eBooks can be used by every student in your school.

  • Launch a book with 1 click!
    Use the easy copy-link feature to post one-click access for students in programs such as Google Classroom, Seesaw, and more. School librarians can request free MaRC records for 1-click access from your library catalog.

  • Over 5,500 titles to choose from.
    From curriculum support to leisure reading, you are sure to find Capstone Interactive titles that meet your school’s needs.

  • Accessibility matters!
    Our eBook platform and reader are Section 508 compliant and W.C.A.G rated!

  • No hidden fees.
    Pay a one-time fee for your selected titles or upgrade to Capstone Connect for a collection of perpetual Capstone Interactive eBook titles, Capstone instructional materials, and ready-to-use Activity Bundles united by an intuitive search tool.

Computer monitor displaying a Capstone Interactive Human Body Facts or Fibs title

[Capstone Interactive eBooks] are extremely cost-effective
because I’m able to supply an entire building with a title for the cost of one book.

As you build your collection, you can feel confident in the benefits each Capstone interactive eBook will
bring to your students. Our titles span the curriculum and give them the content they love such as:

Get started with your Capstone Interactive eBook Collection today!

Tablet displaying the Capstone Interactive menu screen

* MaRC records available on perpetual license titles only.