Graphic Science

Students have never had a science teacher like this! Graphic Science features Max Axiom, a super-cool super-scientist. Using powers he acquired in a freak accident, Max demonstrates and explains science in ways never before seen in the classroom. Whether shrinking down to the size of an ant or riding on a sound wave, Max can do whatever it takes to make science super cool and accessible.

Written for grades 5-9, our Graphic Science program combines science content instruction with literacy development using the high-interest graphic format. It’s the perfect program for:

  • Middle Grade RTI
  • Summer Reading
  • Title I
  • Science catch up programs
  • Providing reluctant learners with motivating instructional path

Program Overview

Supporting Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards, the Graphic Science program:

  • Teaches science content and literacy with the graphic format
  • Includes 2-part lesson guides for teaching science and literacy
  • Features 5E's model for science instruction—Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate
  • Offers instructional support for reading, academic vocabulary development, nonfiction writing, and fluency strategies to help access science content
  • Includes Assessment and Black Line Masters for every title
  • Offers suggestions for using the program with science notebooks, as well as classroom management and science safety tips

Program Components

Graphic Science complete program image of books covers and Max Axiom character

Complete Program

Graphic Science Teacher's Resource Guide book cover

Teacher's Resource Guide

Strategies for Writing in the Science Classroom book cover

Professional Development

Collection of Graphic Science STEM book covers

STEM Titles

Collection of Graphic Science Earth Science book covers

Earth Science Titles

Collection of Graphic Science Life Science book covers

Life Science Titles

Graphic Science: Physical Science collection of book covers

Physical Science Titles

Collection of Graphic Science - Science and Engineering Activities book covers

Science and Engineering Activities Titles

Collection of Graphic Science The Science of Sports book covers

Science of Sports Titles

Graphic Science - Science Safety book cover

Science Safety Title

Graphic Science - Scientific Method book cover

Scientific Method Title

Collection of Graphic Science Spanish book covers

Spanish Titles