Top 8 Graphic Novels for Young Readers!

Top 8 Graphic Novel for Young Readers copy with 8 books

Top 8 Graphic Novels for Young Readers!

June 28, 2022


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Graphic Novels are REAL books! Kids today are choosing the sequential art-style more than ever. We’ve discussed in our blog post, Reasons to Let Children Choose Their Own Books, on the importance of self-selection. There is no better time for having kids choose their own books than summer break! So, when the young reader in you life reaches for a more graphically pleasing piece of literature, fear not! We’ve got you covered for the top 8 graphic novels for the young reader in your life!

1. For the new reader

Wordless Graphic Novels series by Marta Cunill, Maxi Luchini, Juan Berrio, and Jim Pluk (Gr. K-2)

Wordless Graphic Novels bring comics to children who are still learning to read. With expressive paneled artwork, this series develops visual literacy, storytelling skills, and prediction abilities in pre-readers and early readers!

2. For the reader that loves to laugh

The Super Adventures of Ollie and Bea series by Renée Treml (Gr. K-2)

Join Ollie and Bea in this charming, funny, and cute series about the joys of making friends and having fun. Infused with social and emotional learning themes and silly puns, these low-level graphic novels are perfect for young readers who love to learn and laugh.
(Also available in Interactive eBook and paperback formats)

3. For the reader who likes to be scared

Scary Graphics series by Steve Foxe, Shawn Pryor, Rosie Knight, Jessica Freeburg, Daniel Mauleón, Katie Schenkel and illustrated by Juan Calle, Fran Bueno, Alan Brown (Gr. 3-5)

Reader craving chills and thrills? Have them reach for these graphic novels with a serious creep factor! Each standalone scare features easy-to-read text and eerie, full-color art that combine to thoroughly freak out kids. But grown-ups have nothing to fear: these terrors have been tamed to be just right for young readers. The strangest and spookiest stories await!
(Also available in Interactive eBook formats)

4. For the sports fan

Jake Maddox Graphic Novels series by Jake Maddox and illustrated by Eduardo Garcia, Tina Francisco, Mel Joy San Juan, Berenice Muniz, Jesus Aburto (Gr. 2-5)

Fan-favorite Jake Maddox is going for the win—by combining exciting sports stories with the dynamic graphic novel format. These fast-paced tales of sportsmanship, teamwork, and overcoming adversity come to life in full-color comics. Supportive back matter, including visual literacy discussion questions, writing prompts, and nonfiction sports info, encourages critical thinking and comprehension to help young readers and sports enthusiasts step up their game.
(Also available in Interactive eBook and paperback formats)

5. For the reader looking for a STEM adventure

Max Axiom and the Society of Super Scientists series by Emily Sohn, Carol Kim, Myra Faye Turner and illustrated by Eduardo Garcia, Erik Doescher (Gr. 3-4)

Join Max Axiom and the Society of Super Scientists as they use their superpowers and super-smarts to investigate today’s most urgent environmental and scientific issues. Through the dynamic graphic novel format, these accessible introductions break down complex topics into exciting, fact-filled STEM adventures. With Max and his team leading the way, young readers will learn about current challenges facing the world and discover actions to solve them.
(Also available in Interactive eBook and paperback formats)

6. For the history buff

Graphic History: Warriors series by Matt Chandler, Nel Yomtov, Blake Hoena and illustrated by Orban Janos, Silvio dB (Gr. 3-4)

Travel back in time to learn about history's most courageous warriors! Readers can experience the life and times of fearsome Vikings, honor-bound Samurai, stealthy ninjas, and chivalrous knights. With riveting, full-color graphic novel stories of famous historical warriors, readers will get an in-depth look at each warrior class's time and culture, as well as learning key details about the warriors' armor, weapons, skills, and missions.
(Also available in Interactive eBook and paperback formats)

7. For the young activist

Courageous Kids series by Ebony Joy Wilkins, Jessica Gunderson, Bruce Berglund and illustrated by Mark Simmons, Pablo Gallego, Aleksander Sotirovski, Nadia Hsieh (Gr. 3-4)

Meet the 16-year-old girl who outrode Paul Revere during the American Revolution. Discover U.S. soldiers who bravely faced danger as young boys on the frontlines in the Civil War. Watch a 15-year-old stand up to her oppressors during the Civil Rights Movement. Meet a 16-year-old who saved sailors from the deadly waters of the Atlantic Ocean. In this action-packed series, discover the mightiest kids in history, from brave soldiers to daring inventors to awesome activists, all presented in stunning, full-color, graphic-novel format! 
(Also available in Interactive eBook and paperback formats)

8. For the fantasy reader

Far Out Fairy Tales series by Martin Powell, Otis Frampton, Stephanie Peters, Brandon Terrel, Benjamin Harper, Laurie S. Sutton, Carl Bowen, Joey Comeau, Martin Powell and illustrated by Christopher S. Jennings, Jimena S. Sanchez, Otis Frampton, Fernando Cano, Fern Cano, Álex López, Omar Lozano (Gr. 3-4)

What do you get when classic fairy tales are twisted around, turned inside out, and reworked for the graphic novel format? Far Out Fairy Tales! Discover what Snow White would be like if she were raised by robots. Find out how Cinderella's story plays out when she walks the path of the ninja. Chase down the Big Bad Wolf with the help of a super-powered Red Riding Hood . . . and more! Each retelling stays true to the spirit of the original while adding a modern spin, and a guide to the far-out twists and other bonus material allow young readers to learn more about the traditional story. 
(Also available in Interactive eBook and paperback formats)

There's a graphic novel out there for every reader! Kids can use the power of choice this summer with more graphic novels found in our specially focused catalog.

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