Programs - Classroom

Our on-level Classroom Libraries feature themed packages for grades PreK-8. The libraries have been created to meet your students' needs and interests, and provide you with the convenience of leveled text for small-group instruction.

With the largest selection of informational text and high-interest fiction text, our selection is sure to match your bookroom needs. Our books are written with the support and challenges appropriate for each level of instruction based on sentence complexity, vocabulary development, text features, and picture to text match.

The C3 Framework emphasizes the acquisition and application of knowledge to prepare students for college, career, and civic life. It intentionally envisions social studies instruction as an inquiry arc of interlocking and mutually reinforcing elements that speak to the intersection of ideas and learners.

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are rich in content and practice and arranged across disciplines and grades to provide all students with an internationally benchmarked science education. Our book packages provide texts to support a science curriculum that helps students grow to science proficiency.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) prepares students to be problem solvers, innovators, inventors, self-reliant, logical thinkers and technologically literate. Our STEM books collections focus on science and mathematics concepts to set the base for future learning.

Curriculum-connected research tools for elementary school educators. PebbleGo™ (grades K-3) and PebbleGo Next™ (grades 3-5) are packed with informational articles in core subject areas, ready-made activities, and literacy supports for students of all abilities, to boost engagement and foster independent learning.

A comprehensive K-3 literacy program that can be used with an individual, small-group, or whole class focus. The program covers the core elements of a balanced literacy program: written language (reading and writing) and oral language (speaking and listening). Includes fiction and nonfiction text pairs, reading levels 1 to 30 (GRL A-P).

Continues the core elements of our balanced literacy program with fiction and nonfiction text at levels N-V. The program was developed to build on a student's prior knowledge and for them to make new connections based on these previous understandings to become active participants in their own learning.

Engage Literacy en Español is a transadapted, flexible program that serves as an alternative resource for your balanced literacy block with an individual, small group, or entire classroom and supports your Emergent and ELL learners. These books were carefully adapted to maintain the authentic intent of each title while directing attention to the specific reading needs of the Spanish language beginning reader.

Our nonfiction guided reading program for beginning and transitional readers with 118 science, social studies, and math leveled texts (A-M). Big Books, teaching, and assessment support provide program details and instruction for teaching informational text features.

Our Wonder Readers en español program features 118 nonfiction leveled texts in Spanish from levels A-M, written for beginning and transitional readers.

Wonder Words is an essential educational resource that teaches children their first 100 words in a meaningful context, through 23 highly visual and engaging stories incorporating repetition, rhyme and rhythm.

Combining science content instruction with literacy development using the high-interest graphic format, Graphic Science provides reluctant learners with a motivating instructional path. Fictional super scientist Max Axiom can do whatever it takes to make science cool and accessible.

Developed by Dr. Nancy Boyles, Ed.D. for students in grades 3-5 to grow comprehension through close reading. It is based on a model of explicit instruction and the gradual release of responsibility.