Engage Literacy Advance

Engage Literacy Advance continues the core elements of our balanced literacy program with fiction and nonfiction text at levels N-V. Engage Literacy Advance was developed to build on a student's prior knowledge and make new connections based on these previous understandings. Through engaging, high-interest fiction and nonfiction texts, students will become active participants in their own learning and in the reading process.

Engage Literacy Advance is part of a larger comprehensive resource that adheres to key findings of the extensive research on the use of leveled readers in the development of literacy. The foundation of Engage Literacy is based on many years of best-practice classroom teaching and the research behind guided reading instruction, comprehension strategies, and literacy development for children reading for meaning. 

Engage Literacy includes key design elements set forth in the college and career readiness standards. From comprehension and vocabulary instruction to higher-level synthesizing of literary and informational texts, the program supports teachers as they help children move through a developmental progression by providing multiple opportunities to match children with text at their instructional levels. 

In addition to Engage Literacy Advance, additional materials are available for grades K–3 reading levels 1–30 (GRL: A–P). Texts at these earlier levels use carefully graded vocabulary lists and introduce and reinforce words at a 1:20 ratio. For example, the word ‘go’ is introduced at Level 1 and ‘going’ at Level 4. Children, therefore, pick up a bank of high-frequency words, providing them with a smoother transition as they are introduced to higher-level texts. 

DM-1314-Engage Literacy AdvanceDM-1314-Engage Literacy Advance

On the inside front cover, all books feature information that enables the teacher to gain a quick overview of the text. The inside back cover includes questions that will spark student discussion about the book. See the example.