Spanish Books

Enjoy Your Favorite Capstone Stories in Spanish!

With 41 million Spanish speakers in the United States, chances are your library collection is always in need of Spanish language books. Whether you’re growing your collection to support English Language Learners (ELL), English as Second Language Learners (ESL), or children developing a second language in Spanish, Capstone has the best books in Spanish for all ages. 

Row of eight Capstone print books for Spanish readers, including Yasmin, Claudia Cristina Cortez, Sofia Martinez, and Pedro

Children learning a second language is so important to their cognitive and communicative abilities, so why not give them a head start by introducing their favorite books now in Spanish! Students can read about their favorite characters such as Yasmin, Claudia Cristina Cortez, Sofia Martinez, and Pedro. Stories they are already familiar with, but in a new language they can learn. 

Learning a new language can start at any time to ensure little ones are set up for success! Introduce them to Capstone’s  Little Boost en espanol for those Pre-K to 2nd grade and Jake Maddox en Español for kids 3-6th grade! On the flip-side, ELL and ESL students who speak Spanish can use these books paired with their English titles, to support their learning as well!

Row of five Capstone print books for Spanish readers, including Little Boost and Jake Maddox titles

Spanish books play a big role in nonfiction just as much as they do fiction and early readers! Children interested in nature and creatures can check out Animals en espanol, which is great for first reports as well. Have a child interested in all things spooky? Our series América Embrujada (Haunted America) is the perfect read to send shivers up their spine! Fan of graphic novels? No problem. Check out Far Out Fairy Tales.  And for the car lovers in your life, A todo motor is just the thing!

Row of eight Capstone print books for Spanish readers, including Animals, Haunted History, Far Out Fairy Tales, and Automobiles

Capstone has Spanish books for any age to help give kids a boost towards academic success and allow them to connect with people who speak other languages. You can view our list of hardcover library Spanish books here and our paperback Spanish books for classrooms here. Help find children the perfect fit for them with appealing characters, fun facts, and Spanish translations of their faves.