Redeem Points

Ready for some free books? Redeeming your Capstone Rewards points is easy!

  1. Check your Capstone Rewards account to determine your balance and how much of it you want to redeem. Sign into your account to check your balance.
  2. Compile your order. You can redeem your points for hardcover or paperback books or Capstone Interactive eBooks.
  3. Decide how you want to submit your order: ​​ 
  • ​​​​Want to order on our website? Transfer your order to your online shopping cart and start the checkout process. In Step 4 when asked how you want to pay for your order, select “Redeem Rewards Points".
  • Want to order on a traditional paper Purchase Order (PO)? Just make sure your PO clearly indicates the following before sending in: your member number, the number of points and dollar amount of those points to be redeemed.

Many Capstone Rewards members redeem their points as a discount, so that a portion of their order is free and a portion of it is paid. That’s great! Just be sure to use the paper PO method, not the online shopping cart, for those redemptions.

Please note that PebbleGo is not eligible for purchase with your Capstone Rewards points.