Engage Literacy en Español

Engage Literacy en español is a flexible reading program that can meet a wide range of your literacy needs with text at levels A-D. The program can serve as an alternative resource for your balanced literacy block and support your Emergent and English-Language Learners (ELL).

These translations were carefully adapted to maintain the authentic intent of each book and match the English version level. All text has been adapted using Latin American Spanish.

Transadaptations preserve the same conceptual load and level of the English leveled readers to maintain students’ motivation and engagement through the reading process. Use of Spanish high-frequency words yields Spanish texts that are correctly leveled, constructing naturally sounding sentence patterns, based on oral language, and developmentally appropriate for early literacy in Spanish.


Spanish Text FeaturesSpanish Text Features

Engage Literacy en español features:

  • 90 developmentally appropriate Spanish leveled readers
  • Thematically linked Fiction and Nonfiction pairs starting at GRL C
  • Guided Reading Levels A-E
  • Oral Running Records and BLM for every title
  • Oral Language Big Books
  • Highly engaging and humorous stories
  • All titles precisely leveled to ensure student success
  • Recurring characters to support comprehension
Spanish instructions
Spanish Oral reading record