Custom Services

We offer custom bookroom packaging, classroom packaging, shipping, and more for your classroom library! Let our experienced team of curriculum experts help build a custom package for you based on your school district’s needs. 

Why choose Capstone Classroom for your book purchase?

  • We are a leader in creating content reading for the classroom
  • Our education professionals are ready to match Capstone titles tailored to your specific curricular needs
  • We’re here to support you by creating an ordering experience that exceeds your expectations
  • We offer easy, ready-to-go packaging as well as custom packaging for your bookroom or classroom
  • Our custom bookroom packing includes: durable zip bags, clear labeling to keep your bookroom organized, and shelf-ready boxes—just open them up and start filling your shelves
  • Our classroom packaging includes: durable classroom display boxes, custom packaging available based on your needs, and easy, hassle-free ordering
  • We also offer custom shipping options, such as shipping large orders directly to teachers or creating custom labels on each shipping box to ease implementation 
  • We always offer free shipping to our Capstone Rewards members