Your Library Barcode Scanner Makes Ordering Easy!

You already have a barcode scanner in your library. Now you can use it to build your collection quickly and easily with Capstone SpeedScan™!  

Image of a catalog with hand using a barcode scannerImage of a catalog with hand using a barcode scanner

Capstone SpeedScan is the fastest way to shop our website, so you can spend more time with students and less time on paperwork. Use your library barcode scanner with Capstone SpeedScan to: 

  • Browse detailed product information on titles
  • Add items directly into your online list for easy ordering
  • Discover more titles in a popular series flying off your shelf
  • Actively avoid duplicates in your orders 

Pro Tip: Consider uploading your MARC records to CollectionWiz™ to avoid adding titles you already own.

How To Use Capstone SpeedScan™:

  1. Log in to your Capstone account. Sign in or Create an account.

  2. Browse our titles. Place your cursor in the search bar and scan the barcode on a book or catalog page. 

  3. To add items directly to your list, choose or create your list and scan barcodes from your Capstone catalog into the Capstone SpeedScan barcode box in your wishlist. It’s easy to edit your list. To help your purchasing department — and save yourself valuable typing time — simply export your list to Excel, email, or print your shopping cart and attach it to your purchase order. Or simply purchase online!  

Need a quote for your list? Contact your sales representative.