Rewards FAQ

Have questions about our Capstone Rewards program?

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Who is eligible to participate in the Capstone Rewards program?

Librarians or teachers at U.S. schools are eligible to earn and redeem points in our Capstone Rewards program. Points are assigned to the librarian’s or teacher’s account. The purpose of our program is to help educators by stretching their budgeted funds in their specific school. Therefore, the program is limited to individuals, not departments or districts. Schools outside the United States are not eligible for participation in the program.

Is there an annual fee, or any other cost to the member, associated with the Capstone Rewards program?

No. Membership to the Capstone Rewards program is completely free. 

How do I get a member number or find mine if I forgot it?

If you have never signed up for the Capstone Rewards program, you can enroll here and you will receive a member number. Once you have a member number, simply check your online Capstone account profile to find it. If you can’t remember if you’ve already enrolled, check your Capstone account.

Will I receive a membership card?

No card is necessary. The key piece of information, your Member Number, can be found in your online Capstone account.

How do I accrue points?

You earn points for each Capstone title you purchase directly from Capstone. Each hardcover book earns 75 points, each paperback book earns 25 points, and Capstone Digital products earn 5% of the digital item’s purchase price in points. To earn points for an order, you must include your Capstone Rewards member number on your Capstone purchase.

How much is a point worth?

Each point is worth $.01 (USD) redeemable for Capstone books. Points carry no cash value.

Do I have to buy books directly from Capstone in order to earn points?

Yes. This is a change to a previous policy that was discontinued in July 2019 due to low usage.

Are there other ways to earn points?

Yes! Watch your email and follow Capstone’s social media accounts for periodic opportunities to earn points by attending webinars, completing surveys, providing feedback, and sharing your love for Capstone with others—just as a few examples!

Do Capstone Rewards points expire?

Capstone Rewards points expire five years from the date the points were accrued.

Is there a maximum number of points issued on any given order?

No, there is no maximum number of points awarded. Every book ordered qualifies for points at the standard award rate.

Are points transferable?

Yes, Capstone Rewards points are transferable to other members. Contact Customer Service for assistance.

Can I take my points with me if I transfer to a new school?

Yes! Your Capstone Rewards points are associated with your Member Number. You can update your account profile with your new school information. Your Member Number will remain the same. If your email address changes, however, please contact our Customer Service for assistance before proceeding. Your email and your Member Number are associated together and changing your email address breaks that connection.

Can two or more Capstone Rewards membership accounts be combined?

No, however, points can be transferred from one account to another. Contact Customer Service for assistance.

Are Capstone products other than books eligible to earn points?

Yes, you can earn points on specific Capstone Digital products, including PebbleGo databases and Capstone Interactive eBooks. However, points may not be redeemed for PebbleGo.

How do points get added to my account?

Your points are automatically added to your account if:

  • You included your member number AND:
  • Mailed, phoned, or faxed your order directly to Capstone, OR:
  • Ordered through the Capstone website
Can I get points for purchases that I made before I enrolled?

No, sorry, we are not able to retroactively add points to your account.

If my district sends in the Purchase Order, but the books are shipped to a separate location, how does Capstone know who to award points to?

We will award points to the Member Number that is submitted with the order.

If I forgot to use my Capstone Rewards Member Number with a direct order, can I call and have it added back in afterwards?

Yes, if the order was placed within the last month. Contact Customer Service for assistance.

How do I redeem my points?

The process varies depending on if you are placing an order on our website or with a paper Purchase Order. See our Redeem Points page for more information.

How many points can I redeem at one time an order?

You can choose to redeem all or part of your accumulated points on an order. Your redemption cannot exceed the value of your accumulated points.

Can I redeem points for Capstone products other than books?

Yes! You may redeem points for Capstone Interactive eBooks. Points cannot be redeemed for Capstone subscription products such as PebbleGo.

What kind of communications will I receive as a Capstone Rewards Member?

You will receive a welcome email providing you with your Member Number and other relevant program information. In addition, you will receive regularly scheduled e-communications containing your point balance, additional opportunities to earn points, and other information about Capstone products and services. You may unsubscribe at any time.