Stairway Decodables

36 engaging, authentic texts available this
Spring. More coming in Fall 2024!

80% decodability across all titles with word
counts and phonics skills that advance as
readers build stamina and confidence

Supplemental phonics resource that are
perfect for small group instruction
and independent reading practice

Before, During and After Reading Suggestions
to activate background knowledge

Recurring characters provide a high level of
decodability, activate background knowledge,
and provide support for caregivers reading a
home with their student

Stairway Decodables
Step 1 Sample

The Step 1 book, Tess Has Fun , focuses on short vowels with a specific focus on vowel teams, consonant digraphs, and short vowels.

Stairway Decodables
Step 2 Sample

The Step 2 title, I Can Do It , teaches consonant blends, specifically initial and final blends. Included is a list of tricky words and encourages comprehension skills through discussions and picture analysis.

I Can Do It
Step 3 Sample

The Step 3 book, Beth's Bath ,focuses on digraphs "sh" and "th".

Beth's Bath
Step 4 Sample

The Step 4 book, Will's Bike, covers various phonics concepts, including vowel teams, consonant digraphs, initial and final blends, short vowels, silent 'e', soft 'c' and 'g', trigraphs, vowel-r combinations, diphthongs, and long vowels.

Wills Bike cover
Step 5 Sample

The Step 5 book, Cat Food Clues, focuses on vowel teams (ue, oo, oa, ow) and contains tricky words.

Cat Food Clues
Step 6 Sample

The Step 6 title, Points and Fouls, provide practice in decoding words with diphthongs.

Stairway Decodables
Front and Back Matter Instructional Support
Stairway Decodables
Stairway Decodables
Stairway Decodables
Skill Matrix
Parent Letter

My students are benefiting not only from the practice of phonics skills in these texts but also from the authentic and rich literature experiences they provide.

Added to The Reading League’s Decodable Text Resources list

Combines multiple components of the Science of Reading to help young readers build vocabulary knowledge, improve verbal reasoning and language structures while decoding phonetically regular words

  • 36 NEW Titles available Spring 2024.
  • 24 NEW paperback titles coming Fall 2024!
  • 60 Hardcovers and eBooks available Fall 2024 too!!
Stairway Decodables