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Nonfiction supporting early literacy and inquiry

Picture Window

Fun fiction fostering a love of reading

Capstone Press

High-interest nonfiction kids want to read

Stone Arch

Series fiction that builds confident readers

Compass Point

Accessible and trend-focused series nonfiction

Capstone Editions

Fiction and nonfiction stories that need to be told


Essential nonfiction that supports early literacy and inquiry in grades K-3
Pebble Imprint logo

Including both digital and print, our Pebble imprint focuses on up-to-date, informative nonfiction with simple facts and realistic photos and reference images for K-3 elementary learners. The curriculum-connected, developmentally-appropriate nonfiction captures the curiosity of young learners by providing realistic images and straightforward facts that can be decoded while learning to read. Pebble books are intuitive, easy-to-use, accessible, and inclusive across formats, subjects, language, skill sets, and learning styles. Pebble books are a favorite among librarians, teachers, and parents, offering a perfect combination of highly engaging topics kids want to read with valuable literacy supports educators want to use.



Award-winning research database used by more than 3 million students, PebbleGo taps into a child’s natural curiosity and interests

Read All About Dogs book cover

Pebble Sprout

Nonfiction for pre-readers

Penguins are Awesome book cover

A+ Books

Read-aloud nonfiction

Rainy Weather book cover

Little Pebble

All with an ATOS of 1.0 or less

Families Share Values book cover

Pebble Plus

Student’s favorite emergent nonfiction

Discover Motion book cover

Pebble Emerge

Nonfiction for new readers

Stop The Germs book cover

Pebble Explore

Curious readers looking for more

Picture Window

Delightful, bright, and fun series that foster a love of reading in grades K-2
Picture Window Imprint logo

Picture Window books feature big, bright illustrations in read-aloud picture books, early readers, and first chapter books. With an educational angle and a fictionalized approach, our books focus on early childhood themes, social and emotional learning, early literacy, and curriculum support. Picture Window supports early literacy with image-text match, vocabulary, and readable fonts and layouts, and further extends learning with supporting back matter to foster more in-depth discussion. Lifting up diverse characters and inclusive storylines are an important component of our books. Picture Window books are approachable, appropriate, and inclusive.


Katie Woo

Capstone’s bestselling and most beloved early chapter book series, with more than 1.5 million copies sold worldwide. Charming readers from the start, Katie Woo experiences everyday adventures familiar to all kids.

Capstone Press

High-interest series nonfiction kids want to read on their own in grades 3-5
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Capstone Press books are known for their kid-friendly angle, tone, and design. Our titles feature photo-illustrated, high-interest nonfiction that addresses curriculum topics in a fresh, engaging way. Struggling readers, striving readers, and reluctant readers all love Capstone Press books and choose them first because of their high appeal and supportive features, which are accessible, not intimidating. Readers feel supported with appropriately-leveled text with controlled word counts and vocabularies and close photo-text matches. Informative back matter extends and supports their learning further. Capstone Press is a perfect choice for self-selected reading, hooking readers with high-interest nonfiction content.


You Choose

History comes alive and is filled with possibilities as readers decide which paths they will take inside each You Choose story. More than 2.5 million copies sold worldwide! 

Enduring The Oregon Trail: A This or That Debate book cover

Capstone Captivate

10-Minute Engineering Projects book cover

Dabble Lab

Claudeete Colvin Refuses to Move book cover

Graphic Library

Stone Arch 

Fast-paced, on-trend series fiction that builds confident readers in grades 3-5
Stone Arch Imprint logo

Stone Arch is rooted in engaging readers, especially struggling and reluctant readers, with high-interest fictional stories that are fast paced and cool, while still remaining appropriate. Thrilling storylines, engaging formats, and timely topics help Stone Arch books to build confidence and keep kids coming back for more. Featuring chapter books and graphic novels with short chapters, leveled text, controlled vocabulary, and lower page counts, our books are accessible and accomplishable for readers. Stone Arch books are visually appealing, too, so kids feel proud picking them up and carrying them around, even if the reading level is lower than what their peers are reading.


Jake Maddox

With more than 2 million copies sold worldwide, Jake Maddox is a fan favorite. The high-interest, high-action sports stories are the #1 choice for reluctant readers.

Compass Point Books

Accessible, interesting, and trend-focused series nonfiction for readers in grades 6-8
Compass Point Imprint logo

Compass Point leads the way in middle school series nonfiction, with accessible, engaging content paired with a commitment to eye-catching design. Whether thought-provoking or pure fun, Compass Point books give middle school readers more in-depth information with a striking, visual look that attracts reluctant middle school readers.

Capstone Editions

Single title fiction and nonfiction stories that need to be told for readers in grades PreK-9
Capstone Editions Imprint logo

Capstone Editions consist of stories that need to be told. Whether these are powerful nonfiction, #OwnVoices stories, or sweet tales of friendship, these books speak to us at Capstone. Capstone Editions introduces new authors and illustrators, tells stories in innovative ways, and shares delightful experiences with readers in board books, picture books, chapter books, middle grade, and graphic novels. Capstone Editions books share timely and on-trend topics that will make a difference for readers, whether to bring joy, educate, or tackle tough topics. 


Katy Hudson Picture Books

In 2017, Too Many Carrots spent 3 weeks as the #1 bestselling children’s book in the United States. Katy Hudson’s set of seasonal picture books features four charming stories.