Oklahoma Science Standards

Capstone has created specific K-5 science curriculum packages to support Oklahoma educators’ initiatives. The Oklahoma Science Standards highlight the importance of literacy for all students and Capstone has aligned science concepts to build in-depth packages. 

Capstone makes it easy for you to find books to support Oklahoma’s curriculum needs in science. Explore the book packages for each grade to find a selection that was developed specifically for the goal of helping your students solve problems, investigate natural phenomena, collect and interpret data, and cultivate scientific literacy. Capstone’s hallmark of clear and engaging text supported by dynamic photos and illustrations and fundamental text features like glossaries, make connections across different social studies disciplines. Each package contains content readers designed to expose students to science concepts outlined in the Oklahoma Academic Standards.

Capstone shares the Oklahoma Science Standards belief that literacy is for all students and we’re happy to meet the specific needs of your school or district. See the links below to access these materials.