Perfect for Sending Home, Summer School and Extended Day Learning

Learning packs were designed to support student learning outside the traditional teacher-led in-person classroom environment. Each activity page is written in parent/caregiver language, perfect for sending home to give parents and caregivers the additional help they need to guide their children in a learning-at-home environment. Also, perfect to support in-person instruction when someone other than the regular classroom teacher (summer school or extended day specialist) is present.

Flexible purchasing options available, each grade level packs contain:

• Parent guides for each of the 4 books, providing 5 days of 10-20 minutes instruction including academic vocabulary, comprehension, fluency and writing.

• Science and Social Studies content instruction.• Graphic organizer for each book.

• Parent/Caregiver letter explaining how to use the packs, including setting up a specific time for the learning to take place.

• Content Matrix for each grade level set outlines for the teacher the book information: Guided Reading level, learning objectives, and standards being covered (including CASEL standards for Social Emotional Learning).

• Sets come shrink-wrapped and self-contained. Just send the set home with each child. No additional prep or sorting for the teacher/school.

• K-2 Spanish available.


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