Early Literacy Development Using Nonfiction Leveled Readers

Learn more about our Engage Literacy leveled reading program in our 30-minute webinar with literacy experts Jay Dale, Anne Giulieri, and Kelly Gaffney. The presenters, authors of the Engage Literacy program, will provide an overview of Early Literacy and the important role of nonfiction texts in its development. They will also explain how nonfiction texts are leveled and how they can be used in the classroom.  

Headshot photo of author Jay DaleHeadshot photo of author Jay Dale

Jay Dale is the lead author and consultant for Engage Literacy. She comes from a teaching background, having taught in both Australia and Japan. She is also an experienced editor and publisher. An accomplished children's book author, Jay has written extensively for leading educational publishers. Jay has also authored and published electronic products including teaching objects for interactive whiteboards and digital activities for children.

Headshot photo of author Anne Giulieri DaleHeadshot photo of author Anne Giulieri Dale

Anne Giulieri is an experienced classroom teacher who has worked in a Primary school setting for over 30 years, teaching children aged 4-12. Anne’s area of expertise is curriculum knowledge and design and she is one of the lead authors for Engage Literacy.  Anne’s roles as a ‘Leading Teacher’ have included Curriculum Coordinator, Coach and Mentor, as well as Intervention Team Coordinator. Currently, Anne coordinates the program for children with disabilities.

Kelly is an experienced teacher having worked in both preschool and primary school settings, for over fifteen years. During this time, she specialized in reading intervention, and literacy and numeracy assessment. Kelly currently provides literacy and numeracy tuition to children aged five to fifteen. She specializes in educating children with learning disabilities and behavioral problems. Kelly has been writing for Engage Literacy since 2010.