Engage Literacy Teacher's Resource Guides

At the core of the Language Arts instruction for Engage Literacy are our Teacher’s Resource Guides which provide a program and components overview as well as instructional support for each title in the Engage Literacy program. These comprehensive, easy to use teacher’s guides with Blackline Masters provide an instructional road map educators can use to engage their students in their language and literacy development.

Instructional Design

Each Engage Literacy Teacher’s Resource Guide provides an overview of how to use Engage Literacy in your classroom. The Teacher’s Resource Guide includes two pages of Language Arts instruction for each title. The lessons are designed to provide the teacher with a content synopsis of each title including level and word count and equip educators of all comfort levels with Guided Reading—a scaffolded instructional plan for using the Gradual Release model for instruction. There is also explicit instructional support for every title in the program for teaching: 

  • Comprehension 
  • Phonological Awareness/Graphophonics 
  • Vocabulary 
  • Text Conventions 
  • Writing 
  • Fluency 
  • English Language Learner supports 

Blackline Masters 

There are three Blackline Masters for each title in the Engage Literacy program. These Blackline Masters are used for assessing skills taught in the lesson and can be used for periodic/formative assessment. 

Oral Reading Record 

Engage Literacy provides an Oral Reading Record for each title. This assessment tool can help show progress and can also be used as summative assessment. 

Teacher Notes

Customers purchasing the Bookroom version of Engage Literacy will receive the individual tri-fold Teacher Notes for each title. This includes the two instructional pages, three Blackline Masters, and the Oral Reading Record in one easy to use format. This version does not include program overview and the How to use Engage Literacy in Your Classroom page.