Shop.CapstonePub FAQ

How do I access

Go to the following link to access the site:

I had an account on your previous site. How do I log in to the new site?

You can log in with the same email address you used previously. You will receive an email to reset your password for the new site.

If you had multiple accounts on the previous site, they have been consolidated into a single account under your most frequently used login.

On your previous site, I needed to have multiple accounts if I wanted to search different types of products. Is that still true?

No. Our search has united all products so that all users can see all results with a single account. If you had more than one account before, your account has been consolidated under your most frequently used login.

Will lists from my previous account show up on the new site?

Yes. Any list from 2020 through today has been transferred to the updated site.

If you had multiple accounts with lists, they have all been consolidated under your most frequently used login.

When do I need to log in?

You can search without logging into your account. If you want to save items to a list, you will need to log in to an existing account or register for one if you are a first time user.

I would like more robust searching options. How can I do that?

Select “advanced” in the search bar in the top navigation to refine your search parameters.

You already have my library processing specs on file. Do I need to fill them out again?

No, but you do need to request that they are used on each quote or order.

I would like my order with library processing. How do I request that?

Once you select quote/export from your list, you will be prompted to answer yes/no to add library processing to your order.

Can I export my title list to Excel?

Yes. Look for the quote/export button in the right side column of your list page.

How can I get a quote?

Build your list of selections and then navigate to your list. Click the quote/export button in the right side column.

Can I customize the fields on my Quote/Export?

Yes. After you review your quote, you will be given the option to quote/export. Click that to customize a printout or export.

Can I place my order online?

Yes. Click the quote/export button from your list view and follow the instruction prompts from there.

My state charges tax for school purchases. Is that reflected in my quote?


How do I check my Capstone Rewards balance?

Once you are logged in, use the My Account dropdown and select Profile. You will be able to see your Capstone Rewards number and your points balance.

How do I redeem my Capstone Rewards points?

Select the Redeem Rewards points option on the quote/export review page.

I have a promo code. Where do I enter it?

Select the Apply Promo option on the quote/export review page and enter the code there.