Capstone Interactive eBook Platform Relaunches With Enhanced Accessibility for Children

Image of Capstone Interactive ebook logo and a smiling boy holding a tablet toward the camera with an ebook on his screen

Capstone Interactive eBook Platform Relaunches With Enhanced Accessibility for Children

August 16, 2022

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – August 16, 2022 – Capstone, an innovative learning company merging children’s content with easy-to-use edtech tools for K-5 classrooms, libraries, and home, announces substantial enhancements to its Capstone Interactive eBooks platform. Among the improvements, the eBook platform and reader will be Section 508 compliant and WCAG 2.1 rated, ensuring Capstone Interactive is accessible to children with vision, cognitive, physical, and hearing disabilities.

Another significant update includes its integration within Capstone’s PebbleGo environment, the subscription-based content hub for cross-curricular instruction and research. Educators and students can easily discover and begin reading Capstone Interactive eBooks through a new “eBooks” tab as part of their subscription, reducing the need for keeping track of additional logins and website URLs. Educators can also easily share a direct link to an eBook, allowing students access with a single click.

The platform will also be mobile-responsive, improving student’s experience through intuitive touchscreen navigation and providing at-home and on-the-go access on smartphones, tablets, and computers to support school-to-home programs and independent learning.

“We can’t wait for educators and their students to see all of the amazing changes in Capstone Interactive, from a stunning visual design to the ease of use and functionality. The new platform really brings eBooks to life in a different way for readers and they are going to love it,” said Mick Demakos, Capstone Chief Digital Officer.

The Capstone Interactive eBook collection has a robust library of more than 5,500 Interactive eBooks, with titles ranging from curriculum support to self-selected, recreational reading, all designed for the diverse needs of schools’ curriculum. Capstone Interactive eBooks include read-aloud audio for every book, recorded from professional voice-over artists to engage students and provide evidence-based scaffolding for pre-readers, struggling readers, English language learners, and more. With multi-user, simultaneous access, Capstone Interactive can be used by every student in a school.

About Capstone
Capstone is a leading learning company of K-5 digital solutions, children’s books, and literacy programs for school libraries, classrooms, and at home reading including the award-winning PebbleGo™ research database.