Free Bonus Books

Free Bonus Books!

Expand your Library collection by utilizing Capstone promotions! Use these codes on your next Capstone order of Hardcover Books and get 30, 60, or 120 FREE Hardcover Books with code F24BonusBooks.

Min Order Value # of Free Hardcover Books Promo Code
$1,500 30 F24BonusBooks30
$3,000 60 F24BonusBooks60



Terms and conditions: Offers may not be combined with each other or any other Capstone offer. Orders must be received by December 20, 2024 and include promo code. US schools and libraries only. Minimum purchase amount excludes Capstone Rewards redemptions,  PebbleGo, and other Capstone subscription products. Books produced in partnership with Warner Bros (including DC characters), Smithsonian and Sports Illustrated Kids are not eligible for free title selection. Free books must be Capstone hardcovers.

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