At Capstone, we believe learning is for EVERYONE. We fight for inclusivity, equity, and accessibility with all our products. It’s our mission. Our shining light. Our Bat-Signal™, if you will. And, like the World’s Greatest Super Heroes™, we know an ambitious mission requires a mighty team. That’s why in 2008, Capstone teamed up with the mightiest comic book company on Earth: DC! We joined forces to develop original, action-packed stories featuring their super-powered lineup of heroes, including BATMAN™, SUPERMAN™, WONDER WOMAN™, and the DC Super-Pets. A decade and a half later, we’ve published hundreds of products together, from bestselling picture books and chapter books to fact-filled nonfiction and interactive audio books. There’s a little bit of everything—for everyone. Working alongside DC’s talented, diverse creators, Capstone experts ensure each of these products is librarian-approved and supported by informative, beyond-the-book bonus materials. United together, Capstone and DC make a truly dynamic duo.

Bedtime For Batman book cover

Ages 1-7, 32 pages

The perfect way to say goodnight to your little Dark Knight™, this bedtime tale will have Batman fans young and old delighting in their nightly routines.

Superman Is a Good Citizen book cover
DC Super Heroes™

Ages 5-7, 24 pages

This series of picture books is designed to support school character education programs with examples of DC Super Heroes living out the pillars of character ed.

The Amazing Adventures of Batman book cover
The Amazing Adventures
of Batman!™

Ages 5-7, 32 pages

An action-packed early chapter book series featuring BATMAN, these books are a great introduction to the popular character for kids—and adults!

The Amazing Adventures of the DC Super-Pets! book cover
The Amazing
Adventures of the
DC Super-Pets!

Ages 5-7, 32 pages

Your favorite DC Super Heroes™ have Super-Pet partners who help them fight crime and solve mysteries in this chapter book series for early readers.

Jumpa! The Origin of Wonder Woman's Pet book cover
DC Super-Pets! Origin Stories

Ages 5-7, 48 pages

Even superheroes need a loyal sidekick...! Discover the origin of these super-powered Super-Pets in this action-packed, large-format chapter book series.

DC Super-Pets! Character Encyclopedia book cover
DC Super-Pets! (Original Series)

Ages 6-8, 56 pages

From Superman's™ loyal dog, Krypto™, to Batman's™ heroic hound, Ace, this series about the World's Greatest Pets is sure to please readers young and old! 

Batman: An Origin Story book cover
DC Super Heroes™ Origins

Ages 5-7, 48 pages

With action-packed illustrations and easy-to-follow text, these early reader books reveal the exciting origins of DC's greatest Super Heroes™.

Black Adam: An Origin Story book cover
DC Super-Villains™ Origins

Ages 5-7, 48 pages

With action-packed illustrations and easy-to-follow text, these early reader books reveal the dastardly origins of DC's evilest enemies.

Batman & Robin Adventures book cover
Batman™ & Robin™ Adventures

Ages 7-12, 88 pages

Can Batman and Robin foil their foes' evil plots, or will they prove perilous for the Dynamic Duo™? Find out in this action-packed chapter book series.

Batman & Scooby-Doo! Mysteries book cover
Batman™ & Scooby-Doo!™ Mysteries

Ages 7-9, 72 pages

Join Scooby-Doo™ and the Mystery Inc.™ gang as they team up with the World’s Greatest Detective™—Batman—in this exciting chapter book series.

Tales of the Batcave book cover
Batman™: Tales of the Batcave™

Ages 9-14, 40 pages

Uncover the secret origins of the Batcave's artifacts—collected from Batman's crimefighting adventures—in this exciting, easy-to-read hi-lo series!

You Choose Stories: Wonder Woman book cover
You Choose Stories: DC Super Heroes™

Ages 7-12, 112 pages

A series of You Choose Stories featuring DC Super Heroes! These adventures feature action-packed stories that allow the readers to choose their own path.

DC Super Heroes Fairy Tales book cover
DC Super Heroes™ Fairy Tales

Ages 8-11, 72 pages

In this chapter book series for kids, each twisted retelling replaces iconic fairy tale characters with popular DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains™!

Harley Quinn's Madcap Capers book cover
Harley Quinn's™ Madcap Capers

Ages 8-11, 72 pages

Join DC's zaniest criminal on wild rides through Gotham City! In these fast-paced, madcap capers, Harley Quinn™ creates colorful chaos wherever she goes.

Justice League book cover

Ages 7-12, 88 pages

Join the Justice League in their quest to save the Earth—and beyond—from the sinister schemes of the universe's worst Super-Villains™!

DC Super Heroes Joke Books book cover
DC Super Heroes™ Joke Books

Ages 7-12, 64 pages

With hundreds of kid-approved jokes and full-color artwork, these official DC joke books will have readers - KA-BOOM! - exploding with laughter!

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