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Capstone hopes to help set you—and your students—up for success. Undoubtedly, supporting students’ social emotional learning will take on even more importance this school year as kids transition back to school. In author and licensed family therapist Merriam Sarcia Saunders’ essay, she offers some ways you can help students manage their back-so-school anxiety. In addition, check out our free activities for students, fun freebies for your library or classroom, curated booklists, and more. Get into the back-to-school frame of mind with Capstone!


Fall 2021 Spotlight

Welcome to Capstone’s new titles spotlight! Get a sneak peak at some of our favorite titles publishing in Fall 2021. From fun picture books and early chapter books to riveting graphic novels and middle grade reads, there is a Capstone book for every reader!

7 Tips for Managing Students’ Back-to-School Anxiety

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By Merriam Sarcia Saunders, author of Trouble With a Tiny t

"For some students, back-to-school in 2021 may be the first time they have physically been in class in well over a year. During that time away, students have had vastly different at-home experiences which have potentially impacted their mental health. Some children have been waiting excitedly for this day (as have their caregivers!) and will fall into in-person school like they’d never left. For others, however, school will bring a new host of anxieties. They may directly fear exposure to illness or have separation anxiety from their families. For students with social-emotional delays or learning disabilities, at-home learning may have relieved them of social and academic pressures, resulting in a new “fear of normal” about facing those pressures again.

How can teachers and librarians best prepare for the wide range of anxieties a return to school may bring?"


15 Perfect Back-to-School Books!

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Back-to-school can be an exciting time, but also one filled with uncertainty and big feelings. Books can be a perfect way to start conversations about all of the changes and the emotions that children may be feeling. From common school worries like being away from home or fitting in, to reintroducing important social skills and personal hygiene, here are some of our favorite books to ease kids back to school. If you’re looking for the perfect read for back-to-school, we have you covered!  

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Author Booktalks

Author Mary M. Cerullo shares her latest nonfiction picture book, Volcano, Where Fire and Water Meet. Stitching science, history, and mythology together, Cerullo explores these explosive wonders of nature and reveals the secrets they've been keeping since the beginning of the world.

Author Kate Allen Fox discusses her book Pando: A Living Wonder of Trees,  an inspiring tribute to a Utah grove of quaking Aspen trees connected by their roots to form one of the world's oldest and largest living things. 

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Mr. Grizley's Class 
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Mindful Mr. Sloth 
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My Sister, Daisy
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Featured Book Trailers

Mindful Mr. Sloth by Katy Hudson
Sasha has one speed—fast. She loves to do lots of things, all at once, as fast as possible. Mr. Sloth has one speed—slow. He loves to do things one at a time, at a nice, easy pace. Can Mr. Sloth’s mindful ways teach Sasha to slow down and enjoy life? Best-selling author Katy Hudson gently weaves a mindfulness theme into this unlikely friendship tale between an energetic girl and a sloth, encouraging children to stop, breathe, and be present in every moment.

Mr. Grizley's Class
Mr. Grizley is teacher to a class full of fun, smart, students! With Mr. Grizley’s quiet, kind guidance, these kids love to work, play, and learn together. Each story in this early chapter book series focuses on a different classmate and is especially designed to build social emotional learning skills, complete with a related activity at the end of each story. Read along to hang out with the best class around—Mr. Grizley’s Class!

My Sister, Daisy by Adria Karlsson

Daisy’s older brother is thrilled when he gets a new sibling. They are best buddies who do everything together. But in kindergarten, things change. His sibling tells him she is a girl and wants to be called Daisy. Daisy’s brother must adjust to the change—including what it means for him and their relationship. A powerful, moving picture book based on a true story, My Sister, Daisy handles a sensitive subject with warmth and love.

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