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At Capstone, it's not what you tell, but how you tell it. We engage readers by creating the right content for the right purpose for the right kid. And, no matter their interest, we create content that works in any binding, as print or digital, and in conjunction with any instructional method or edtech tool. Reading happens throughout the school day—whether in the building or at home.

And wherever learning is happening, Capstone is there.


Our huge selection of print books delight readers and support learning across multiple genres.

Interactive eBooks

Our eBooks are supported by read-aloud audio and offer unlimited access for each school site.


Our databases help develop critical thinking and media literacy skills while promoting digital citizenship.

Inspire Reading All Summer Long!

Your students made so much progress throughout the school year—don't let it stop now! Check out all of our resources, including thousands of articles and eBooks in Capstone ConnectPebbleGo, and Capstone Interactive, to encourage students' love of learning over the summer.

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Our multi-user eBooks support distance and in-person learning.

Capstone Interactive eBooks are designed for the unique needs of elementary schools.

  • Multi-user, simultaneous access—no hidden fees
  • Every eBook is supported by read-aloud audio recorded by professional voice-over artists
  • Over 5,500+ titles specific to K-5
  • Includes selection of titles specifically for Guided Reading support
  • Use from school or home on any internet-connected device!

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Hear what educators are saying about us:

"[Capstone At Home] books are a great little bundle with fun activities to engage kids at home. We are going to use them as rewards for a reading incentive program at our school. They’re perfect for the program!"

"[Capstone Interactive eBooks] are extremely cost-effective
because I’m able to supply an entire building with a title for the cost of one book."

"PebbleGo is the best resource for your elementary students. It is a trustworthy source of factual information for them to explore in a completely safe online environment."

Disability Representation in Children's Books

Looking for children’s books featuring characters with disabilities? Check out our Disability Representation resources highlighting authentic and positive stories centering on characters with disabilities. We hope these stories will become essential additions to your growing library or classroom collection and facilitate meaningful discussion with readers.

Illustrated image of boy in a wheelchair from the graphic novel The Fantastic Freewheeler, Sixth-Grade Superhero! by Molly Felder, illustrated by Scott Brown
Social Emotional Learning in your classroom

What is Social Emotional Learning and how can you incorporate it into your classroom? Capstone’s SEL Guide unpacks the terminology and offers ways you can bring social-emotional learning into your classroom with lesson plans, activities, book recommendations, and more.  

Image of three diverse children playing with blocks

Representation matters.

Siman Nuurali, author of the popular Sadiq chapter books, shares the importance of creating characters who “occupy a space that was previously closed." A can’t-miss read if you are looking for #OwnVoices representation in your collection.

Photo of author Siman Nuurali next to illustration of Sadiq and his family

Scary books are good for kids.

Scary books are always in season and research shows reading age-appropriate scary stories with children is actually a good thing. Spooky stories excite and entice kids to read more. Research shows reading scary stories can help kids confront their fears and learn important life lessons. Discover some of the best scary books for kids and some spooky activities to use in your classroom.

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We've been helping kids succeed for a long time.

Helping children develop a love of reading and learning is what we do and we love it. Want to learn more about 30 years of Capstone?

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