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Address your toughest audiences with solutions from Capstone Digital – together we can engage and inspire your students!

Reluctant Readers

Engage your reluctant readers with technology! Capstone Interactive Library and PebbleGo can reach non-readers by incorporating multimedia into reading practice. Both solutions feature embedded audio supports so students can hear the text read as they see it on screen. And our interactive format engages your students and helps them succeed.

Remedial Readers

Language arts, social studies, science, even math – if your students can’t read at their grade level, they can’t read test questions either. A majority of students today are remedial or reluctant readers. Help them succeed in reading by raising their achievement scores by using multi-modal reading practice. Capstone Interactive Library embeds the most recent research results to help your students enhance reading and reading comprehension levels.

Teach Research Skills

Now your K-2 students can research their favorite animals using a database created just for them! PebbleGo, the latest innovation from Capstone Press, includes hundreds of animals, audio and video clips, carefully leveled text and educational games. PebbleGo features easy to-use searching tools and introduces early learners to database and research concepts. Reading supports and links to standards make PebbleGo the best tool for young researchers. Capture the interest of your emergent readers and researchers while helping them learn database and reading skills using the animal database designed for them.

Special Needs Students

Research supports Capstone Interactive Library – From a May 2009 white paper and literature review, Thomas R. Kelchner, Ed. D. finds: “The Capstone Interactive Library capitalizes on the use of multimedia, providing a great interactive resource to be used by teachers, parents, and students to enhance reading and reading comprehension levels.” Dr. Kelchner goes on to explain that “Interactive / multimedia is the only consistent format that ensures every learning style can be presented on demand and this ensures the best learning experience can be achieved consistently.” Download your free copy of the whitepaper, and learn more about Capstone Interactive Library.

Title 1 Students

In a classroom or whole school setting, multi-modal resources like PebbleGo and Capstone Interactive Library have been proven to expand vocabulary and pronunciation skills. Involving multiple senses can increase learning and retention according to different researchers – we invite you to learn more with a free research review and whitepaper.

Striving Readers

If you have students reading below grade level, you’re not alone – the US Department of Education estimates that this is one of the fastest growing groups in schools. Capstone Digital offers solutions that include reading scaffolds to help students read and comprehend above their measured reading level. By including audio read-along with text, on-screen highlighting, and text-photo matching, both Capstone Interactive Library and PebbleGo can help your students raise reading achievement scores.

English Language Learners

Bridge the language and achievement gap – audio can help your English Language Learners improve vocabulary and pronunciation! Use PebbleGo and Capstone Interactive Library to have your students practice reading. Online glossary words and companion activities help make the connection with this special audience.

21st Century Learning

Help your students succeed in the 21st century by providing the tools and lessons they need to use technology effectively. Capstone Digital solutions include PebbleGo and Capstone Interactive Library - your students will learn how to use technology while succeeding at reading.

Apply Professional Development

With Professional Development, you'll make a minimal time investment to learn how to more effectively use Capstone Interactive Library with your students! Our sessions include a product overview, review of research, product exploration and model lessons. Learn how to immediately put Capstone Interactive Library to use for your students with our webinar and face-to-face training sessions.

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