Text Features

When K-5 students understand how to read text features like bullets, insets, and bold print, they are reading the whole page — essential for deep comprehension of nonfiction and fiction text. In this revised edition, seasoned educators Michelle Kelley and Nicki Clausen-Grace show teachers how to explicitly instruct K-5 students to read text features, use them to navigate text, and include them in their own writing.

Sixty mini-lessons for teaching print, graphic, and organizational features provide ample choices for meeting the standards while adapting to students’ needs. The lessons, which follow the gradual release of responsibility model and increase in difficulty, can be used within the typical 90-minute reading block, during content area instruction, in small groups, and as part of independent practice opportunities. Each lesson offers concept review, suggestions for differentiation, assessment options, and technology connections, requiring students to find, explore, manipulate, and create text features in their own writing.

Included here are Thinksheets, visual examples of each text feature, rubrics, the assessment picture book, and readers’ theatre scripts that can be downloaded for use. Many of these important resources and convenient lesson supports can be filled out directly on the computer.