Classroom Libraries - Sixth and Seventh Grade

These on-level Classroom Libraries feature themed packages with sixth and seventh grade in mind. The libraries have been created to meet your students' needs and interests, and provide you with the convenience of leveled text for small-group instruction.

Set of 3 Ancient Civilization grade 6 and 7
Ancient Civilizations

This Ancient Civilizations classroom library was specifically created for sixth and seventh graders and the 24 titles have a GRL of V-Z. Students will enjoy the engaging books on the culture, customs, ways of life in the ancient world.

set of 3 Literature grade 6 and 7

This literature package was created to give your sixth and seventh graders access to fiction titles with a GRL in the range of V-Z. This package is perfect for teaching students about literature elements of story.

Set of 3 Physical Science Grade 6 and7
Physical Science

This Physical Science package was created to specifically give Sixth and Seventh Graders a range of content to support their learning of Physical Science concepts. Each of the 25 books has a GRL in the range of V-Z and provides students with access to topics on several levels. Students will learn about sound, energy, matter, force and motion, and many other Physical Science concepts.