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Love & Profanity
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Love & Profanity features more than forty brief, brilliant, and unforgettable true stories from writers both renowned and on the rise. Discover strange and surprising scenes of people coming of age amidst the everyday intensity of teenage life. Witness transformative moments arising from the mundane. Behold the young adult in full splendor and horror, bursting with love and profanity.

ISBN 978-1-63079-012-7
978-1-63079-051-6 Paperback
Age Level 14-18 Years
Reading Level Grades 8-12
Trim Size 5 x 7½
Page Count 232
Language English

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“Each of these 40-plus very short stories unveils a memory of being a teenager that is important to its respective writer. Markedly brief offerings from authors both well-known and less familiar make for an unusual and interesting read that is enormously successful in illustrating how different the lives of teens are from one another. For example, though they seem to involve a similar event, Geoff Herbach's ultimately haunting tale of being mistaken for a girl's tormentor after he ditches empty beer bottles left in his car in the wrong spot couldn't be more different from Carrie Mesrobian's wryly funny recollection of her panic at finding a spent party ball stashed in her family's board-game cupboard weeks after an illicit party at her house. Such issues as body image, cliques, family strife, economic status and popularity are recurring themes throughout and will resonate with teen readers. Less likely to do so are details such as listening to music on Discmans and watching MTV with VHS tapes at the ready to record a favorite video or playing pinball and drinking vodka-spiked Fresca. Teens who enjoy slice-of-life vignettes that evoke a specific time and place and adults who thrill to nostalgia will find a lot to like about these pithy, honestly awkward and poignant minimemoirs.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Over and over we say, 'It’s a miracle that anyone survives their teen years.’ Each and every story in this luminous collection is a testament to that, to survival. To miracles. And they are, big and small, the kind that settle right behind your eye and remind you, as Alison McGhee does in her closing story, that 'Most of that happiness will come when you let go of trying to come across a certain way, when you just let people see you for who you are.’ The writing here is brave and beautiful. It lets us see each other for who we are. Savor it.”
—Kathi Appelt, author of The Underneath, Newbery Honor Book and National Book Award Finalist

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