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Her Cold Revenge
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Grace Milton has only one goal: bring to justice the Guiltless Gang, the outlaws who slaughtered her family. That's why she had to abandon Joe and the Apache — she couldn't afford any distractions. Now she's making her living as one of the only female bounty hunter in the Wild West, despite the doubts and protests of others. But, when Joe shows up in town, Grace is torn. Feelings she thought she had left behind at the Apache camp are rekindled, and the passion threatens to pull her away from her mission. But, soon, rumors surface that two members of the Guiltless Gang are nearby, planning a daring train robbery, and now, Grace is faced with an impossible choice. Will she stay with Joe and forget her vendetta, or risk everything — her love, her life — to fulfill her all-consuming need for vengeance? The second book in the gripping Wanted series, this Western revenge epic is a must-read for teen readers who are fans of relentless action, and suspense, and heart-wrenching romance.

ISBN 978-1-63079-007-3
Age Level 14-18 Years
Genre Adventure
Subject Romance, Action & Adventure, History
Trim Size 5½ x 8¼
Page Count 272
Language English
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Her Cold Revenge
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