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Rebecca Rissman

Yoga for Your Mind and BodyRebecca Rissman is an award-winning author and yoga teacher who lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and daughter. Her writing has been praised by School Library Journal, Booklist, Creative Child Magazine, and Learning Magazine. She has taught yoga in Chicago, Illinois and Portland, Oregon, to a range of students that include athletes, cancer survivors, corporate classes, and young adults.

While teaching yoga and writing for children might not seem like complementary careers, Rebecca has found the two to vocations to be in harmony. In fact, they are the perfect pair. After Rebecca’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, and her father was diagnosed with a rare adrenal cancer in 2008, Rebecca realized that life was too short to be spent in a cubicle. She immersed herself in yoga, soon becoming a certified yoga teacher. She left her corporate publishing job and began writing about things she felt passionate about: art, science, history, fashion, and health.

Rebecca feels strongly that yoga can be an excellent teaching tool to help young adults find stress relief and mindfulness. She also believes that it can be a wonderful vehicle for encouraging self-esteem and body acceptance in adolescent women. Yoga emphasizes the body’s potential for movement, release, growth, and strength. Practiced without mirrors, with a focus on mental reflection rather than physical appearance, yoga is a great way to highlight the amazing capacity of the body. There is no discussion of weight, appearance, or competition in yoga. There is no “winner” or “best.” Rather, there is every individual’s journey to health and wellness. Young women struggling with low self-esteem or body issues can often find great comfort in a regular yoga practice.

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