About Reading is for Everyone

Inclusivity, Equity, and Accessibility

Capstone is passionate about inclusivity, equity, and accessibility for the benefit of all kids because we believe #ReadingIsForEveryone!

Reading is everywhere. We read for functional reasons—a road sign, a recipe, text messages. We read to develop a better understanding about matters big and small. We read to be inspired by new ideas, experiences, storylines, and points of view.

But most importantly, reading is for everyone. There should be no barriers to reading. There should be boundless opportunity to access books that speak to your curiosity, your experiences, your imagination, and your heart. Nowhere is reading more important than in early age and childhood.

A group of kids of diverse kids smiling beneath the phrase, "Reading is for everyone!"

Our infinite variety of readers deserve books that reflect them—their interests, their abilities, their cultures, their families, their traditions—and inspire them to be curious and informed about the world around them.

Giving children reading choices helps build a foundation for a lifetime of reading. Whether it’s printed, digital, audio, or visual, kids need options and resources to learn in the way that is right for them. They need to be immersed in stories and facts about the world around them and develop the critical thinking skills to make sense of it all. Reading books also improves concentration, language skills, stress levels, and writing skills. It is essential for kids to see themselves in those stories to feel connected and to grow and learn. Join us in celebrating and advocating for the importance of reading. Let’s work together to make sure every child feels the limitless power of reading and proudly recognizes themselves as avid readers. After all, #ReadingIsForEveryone.

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