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Capstone Professional Publishes School Violence Prevention Book

Nationally Recognized Conflict Management Expert Pens New Book

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Nov. 19, 2013 – In the wake of recent school tragedies and escalating violence, Capstone Professional, publisher of professional development resources and services for preK-12 educators, announces the publication of Safe Within These Walls: De-escalating School Situations Before They Become Crisesby Andra Medea, M.A. Publishing in December, the book provides teachers, school personnel, and parents with practical strategies and techniques for de-escalating aggression with insight and finesse rather than with force to create positive learning environments.

In Safe Within These Walls readers will find the concrete tools they need to create a safe climate in which they recognize signs of building aggression and use practical techniques to head it off. Medea explains how to manage aggression from tantrums to mental health issues and school shootings, using anecdotes and research-informed techniques.

Medea is a nationally recognized expert and instructor in conflict management, and developer of the Virtual Tranquilizer®, a method of non-contact de-escalation techniques used by psychiatric staff, school administrators, and even court personnel.

In her upcoming webinar “Strategies to Prevent School Shootings: What Has Worked,” Medea will share what educators can do to prevent a crisis, including recognizing the early signs of violence and hidden threats, and protocols that can save lives. Medea’s webinar will take place from 4:00-4:30 p.m. CST on Wed. Dec. 11. Educators can register for the free webinar at

A digital galley of Safe Within These Walls is available now on For free downloads, including a sample chapter, introduction, and table of contents, visit

Safe Within These Walls: De-escalating School Situations Before They Become Crises

By Andrea Medea, M.A.

ISBN: 978-1-62521-518-5                 e-Book ISBN: 978-1-62521-519-2

$24.95 paperback                               $19.95 e-Book

176 pages

Pub Date: December 2, 2013

Author Andra Medea, M.A.
Andra Medea learned about violence first hand growing up in a volatile Chicago neighborhood, and went on to design a violence prevention system which has been taught to over 20,000 women. She also designed techniques that de-escalate people with psychosis or potential for violence. She has taught conflict management at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago, and holds an M.A. from DePaul University. For more information, visit    

Early Praise for Safe Within These Walls

“No matter who you are, what your training is, or what your job is. No matter what “population” of people you work with—students, teachers, administrators, or counseling clients: Read this book. Reading and applying the principles in this book will give you knowledge that took me 20 years of personal and professional experience to gain.”

Dr. Eric Ward, executive director at the Family Counseling Service in Aurora, Ill.

“When reading Andra’s book it’s impossible not to have that moment when it just clicks, like, why hadn’t I thought of doing that? We can learn from the wisdom of those who have come before us and we can do things differently, hopefully preventing more violence from happening in our schools and in our neighborhoods. Andra’s book provides us with a reference point. The escalation of violence is complicated, but Andra’s strategies and her clear approach is simple and practical and we cannot afford to wait in implementing it.”

–Laura L. Noah, mediator/conciliation counselor with the Circuit Court of Cook County in Chicago



About Capstone Professional

Capstone Professional publishes educational resources under the imprint of Maupin House. Their materials support K-12 educators as they create 21st century classrooms and respond to the demands of state and national standards, such as the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and the Next Generation Science Standards. Capstone Professionalfocuses on topics such as reading comprehension, close reading, writing in the content areas, teaching with graphics in the classroom, and creating safe school environments. Capstone Professional authors are educators and consultants, teachers and experts in their fields. A tenet for Capstone Professional is to support teachers, administrators, content-area specialists, students, and parents in becoming engaged in content and excited about learning. Professional development offerings by Capstone Professional range from webinars and workshops to conference speakers and author visits. Submissions for products that speak to the needs of educators today are always accepted. For more information, visit www.maupinhouse.comor