Capstone 4D

Augment Reading With Capstone 4D

Capture the attention of the YouTube generation while still maintaining the benefits of reading a print book with Capstone 4D! Students read and comprehend the text without the distraction of links and then use their device for bonus video content. No device? No problem. All the extra information is also available online through a code found in Capstone 4D books.

How Capstone 4D Works

Apple App Store and Google Play store buttons

Download the free Capstone 4D app to your favorite device from the iTunes App Store or Google Play

Capstone 4D star icon

Open a Capstone 4D book and find a page with a star in the corner, which means the page has 4D features

Spread from Capstone 4D how-to-draw book

Use the app to scan the entire spread

Image of a white iPad showing a how-to-draw step of a baby chicken

Voila — watch a video with the bonus content