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DC Super Heroes

DC Super Heroes World's Greatest Jokes: Featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and more!

Hundreds of laugh-out-loud jokes featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and other DC Super Heroes! Why does Bruce Wayne brush his teeth every night? So he doesn't get Bat-breath! Where do most of the world's super heroes live? Cape Town! Featuring 400+ kid-approved jokes and full-color artwork, this official DC Comics joke book will have readers exploding with laughter! The perfect gift for super hero fans young, old, and everyone in between.



Foreword Reviews - Pallas Gates McCorquodale

"A colorful, all-star cast featuring the fastest, strongest, slickest, and, of course, funniest superheroes and villains this side of Gotham City share puns, riddles, knock-knocks, and helpful tips for novice jokers. Bright, bold comic-style illustrations showcase the dynamic energy of dueling wits and caped crusaders mid-leap, -flight, and -clash alongside quips and one-liners." - Foreword Reviews

January 1, 2018

YA Books Central - Bethany Wicker

"DC Super Heroes and jokes are the perfect combination for a fun, laugh-out-loud read. . . .This was an entertaining book and I think the images were exactly what you'd want to see with DC Superheroes." - YA Books Central

December 7, 2017

Donald Lemke

Donald Lemke

Donald Lemke works as a children’s book editor. He has written dozens of all-age comics and children's books for Capstone, HarperCollins, Running Press, and more. Donald lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with his beautiful wife, Amy, toddling toddler, Cleo, and a not-so-golden retriever named Paulie.

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