Dewey: 580
This title covers these subjects:  Questions and answersPlants
Plants (Hardcover)

by Sue Barraclough

What do plants need to live? Why do plants have roots? How do you get rubber from a tree? 'Investigate' encourages science enquiry with an interactive, investigative, and visual approach to a wide range of core curriculum topics. The format allows students to use scientific processes such as prediction, hypothesis, and inference in answering a series of questions on important topics throughout the book.

Reading Level: K-2
Interest Level: K-2
Accelerated ReaderATOS Level: 2.9
AR Points: 0.5
AR Quiz Number: 131556

ISBN:  9781432913977 / 1-4329-1397-2
Publisher:  Heinemann
Copyright: 2009
Language: English
Page Count:  32
Page Dimensions:  9 5/8 x 7 5/8
Binding:  Reinforced Library Binding

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