Seres vivos y no vivos/Living and Nonliving

Dewey: 570
This title covers these subjects:  BiologyPlantsBilingual books -- English-Spanish
Seres vivos y no vivos/Living and Nonliving (Hardcover)

by Carol K. Lindeen

Capstone Press
Text and photographs present living and nonliving things and explains their differences.
(Also available in English)

Reading Level: K-1
Interest Level: PreK-2

ISBN:  9781429653459 / 1-4296-5345-0
Publisher:  Capstone Press
Brand:  Pebble Bilingual
Copyright: 2011
Language: Bilingual
Page Count:  24
Page Dimensions:  6 x 7
Binding:  Reinforced Library Binding

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Library Media Connection - Angelica Cuellar

Essential information delivery and versatile use make this series ideal for those who teach very young readers. Teachers will appreciate the amount of information presented in an easy to understand manner: simple sentences and eye-catching photographs, which assist students in grasping the concept and acquiring important vocabulary. Using their natural curiosity and senses, early readers will build a foundation for a more complex understanding of nature. Since the text is bilingual, both monolingual and bilingual teachers can use this series to introduce students to earth and life sciences. Readers can easily differentiate the languages because of consistent text placement. A note to adults about how they can support the young reader’s experience with the books is included. If you are seeking a straightforward book that helps early readers gain vital science concepts, then consider purchasing this series. Glossary. Websites. Table of contents. Index. Recommended.

March 1, 2011