The Boston Massacre

Dewey: 973.3'113
This title covers these subjects:  Plot-your-own storiesTaxation -- HistoryHancock, John, -- 1737-1793
The Boston Massacre: An Interactive History Adventure (Hardcover)

by Elizabeth Raum

Capstone Press
Everything in this book happened to real people. And YOU CHOOSE what side you’re on and what you do next. The choices you make could lead you to survival or to death. In the You Choose Books set, only YOU can CHOOSE which path you take through history. What will it be? Get ready for an adventure…

Reading Level: 3-4
Interest Level: 3-7
Lexile Level: 620L
Early Intervention Level: 28

ISBN:  9781429620123 / 1-4296-2012-9
Publisher:  Capstone Press
Brand:  You Choose
Copyright: 2009
Language: English
Page Count:  112
Page Dimensions:  5 1/4 x 7 1/2
Binding:  Reinforced Library Binding

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Association of Educational Publishers

2008 Finalist, Distinguished Achievement Award

Learning Magazine

2008 Winner, Teachers' Choice Award for Children's Books

Pennsylvania School Librarians Association

2008 Young Adult Top Forty Nonfiction Title


Children's Literature Comprehensive Database - Carol Ann Lloyd-Stanger

This book is one of the “You Choose Books,” part of the “Interactive History Adventure” series. The book begins by setting the stage briefly in colonial Boston in 1770. Tensions are on the rise as British soldiers arrive and parade through the streets. Readers are presented with three options: be a 13-year-old apprentice to a wigmaker, serve as a British soldier, or be John Hancock’s maid. When they make a choice, readers are directed to the pages of the book that describe the chosen adventures, with each episode concluding with choices such as “distribute the handbills” or “toss the handbills” for the wigmaker and “stay in the army” or “desert” for the soldier. The text is accompanied by small illustrations that reinforce the action of the text. Back matter includes a timeline, reading suggestions, internet sites, a glossary, a bibliography, and an index.

January 1, 2008

Pennsylvania School Librarians Association - Jeannie Bellavance

This is a novel way to present and involve students in historical events. Using an interactive format similar to the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books, Raum takes the reader to colonial Boston in 1770. Experience the Boston Massacre from three points of view Points of view. After the background is set, the reader may opt to be a 13 year old apprentice, an English soldier or John Hancock’s maid. Students who follow all the paths will see the history from both sides. This book can appeal to both boys and girls because of the character choice. Additionally it will appeal to more reluctant readers as well as younger children who may be interested in the topic. Illustrations come from archival collections such as the Library of congress, Corbis and Getty Images. Back matter includes a timeline, a list for further reading, FactHound internet site using book ID, glossary, bibliography and an index This is part of the Interactive History Adventure series which include books on the Alamo, the Titanic, California Gold Rush, the dust bowl and immigration from various countries. These are probably not the best source for reports, but they do engage the reader and help them live the history. 2008 Young Adult Top Forty Nonfiction Title

May 1, 2009