Political Parties

Dewey: 324.973
This title covers these subjects:  Democratic PartyRepublican PartyPolitical parties -- United States
Political Parties (Hardcover)

by Michael Burgan

Capstone Press
In cartoon format, explains the history, role, and influence of political parties in the United States.

Reading Level: 3-4
Interest Level: 3-9
Lexile Level: GN 710L
Accelerated ReaderATOS Level: 5.0
AR Points: 0.5
AR Quiz Number: 120079

ISBN:  9781429613347 / 1-4296-1334-3
Publisher:  Capstone Press
Brand:  Graphic Library
Copyright: 2008
Language: English
Page Count:  32
Page Dimensions:  7 x 9
Binding:  Reinforced Library Binding

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Children's Literature Comprehensive Database Newsletter - Sheilah Egan (Children's Literature)

Insets with definitions of political vocabulary and a variety of informational factoids are presented alongside explanations of the development of political parties in the U.S. The early history of the debates over how the newly formed United States should be governed influenced the development of various factions that grew into two basic political thought systems that became the foundation of the two party system that we know today. Other parties have come and gone, but usually the two "major parties compete to run the government." Using large-headed cartoon characters to represent the people and the political figures, this light approach will appeal to a variety of readers who need to understand how the party system evolved and how it influences who ultimately runs the country. Media coverage and its influence are discussed, as is voting rights, campaigns, primaries, and the voting process (including various methods of actually casting ballots). The humorous approach makes this title in the Graphic Library's "Cartoon-Nation presents" series an interesting way to expose students to the background of the "donkeys" and "elephants" of politics. Political cartoons have had a huge impact on the development of how the political parties are viewed, even to the animals that have come to represent each party. The back matter includes a time line, a glossary, a FactHound web site, a "read more" section, and an index.

October 1, 2008

SLJ Extra Helping, "Politics: We the People" - Jennifer S. Prince

Tongue ensconced firmly in cheek, this book explains the formation and evolution of the major political parties in America. Dynamic comic-book art enlivens descriptions of the spoils system, the electoral college, party presses, and much more. Lively, funny, and accurate.

September 4, 2012