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This title covers these subjects:  ShipwrecksBuried treasureShips
Shipwrecks (Hardcover)

by Nick Hunter

Shipwrecks examines the hunt for shipwrecks and the valuable treasures they hold, whether that be gold and jewels, or important artifacts that offer us a window on to the past. Part of the Treasure Hunters series, Shipwrecks offers a crosscurricular mix of science & technology and history, with a fun, dramatic approach. Shipwrecks covered in the book include the Tudor Warship the Mary Rose, the Spanish Galleon La Nuestra Senora de Atocha, American Civil War ship SS Republic, and the Titanic: the most famous shipwreck of all. The book also looks at the motives for these searches, and the importance of responsible archaeology: were the treasure hunters driven by personal greed or glory, or did they embark on their quest with a historical interest and a desire to preserve the lost treasures?

Reading Level: 5-8
Interest Level: 5-8
Lexile Level: 1080L
Accelerated ReaderATOS Level: 7.2
AR Points: 1.0
AR Quiz Number: 155669

ISBN:  9781410949547 / 1-4109-4954-0
Publisher:  Raintree
Brand:  Ignite
Copyright: 2013
Language: English
Page Count:  48
Page Dimensions:  5 3/4 x 8 1/4
Binding:  Reinforced Library Binding

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Booklist - John Peters

This entry in the Treasure Hunters series focuses on five notable shipwrecks, from the Mary Rose (1545) to the Titanic (1912), and the modern rediscoveries of four (the search for the seventeenth-century Merchant Royal goes on). Packed with photos and period images, inset boxes, and multiple captions and blocks of type in a wide variety of typefaces and sizes, the pages look cramped and cluttered, but the drama of the original disaster, the suspense of searching for the wrecks, and the triumph of finding treasure – along with quick glimpses of techniques of salvage and conservation – provide ample temptation to less able readers. The back matter includes suggested topics for further research as well as the usual bibliography and lists of physical and websites to visit. Amid the plethora of similar titles (this publisher alone has produced three in the past decade), this doesn’t stand out, but it makes a serviceable addition to collections. – John Peters <i>Booklist</i> April 2013

August 1, 2013

School Library Journal - Mary Mueller, Rolla Public Schools, MO

Readers of these exciting titles will join searches for some of the planet’s most storied places and legendary treasures. After helpful introductions that lay foundations so children will understand why thieves might want to steal art or treasure hunters take such risks, each volume contains chapters that follow the discovery and/or quests for objects such as “Roman Riches” or locations such as the legendary city of Troy. This format allows for development of topics and inclusion of sufficient background information. Concluding spreads nicely pull together themes and facts. The attractive full-color photos and illustrations of expeditions, explorers, and artifacts are both appealing and informative. While this set captures the thrill of the hunt, it also emphasizes the historical and cultural value of the treasures and how serendipitous discoveries and challenging missions have improved historians’ understanding of the past.

August 1, 2013