Cepíllate, usa hilo dental y enjuágate/Brush, Floss, and Rinse

Dewey: 617.6
This title covers these subjects:  Bilingual books -- English-SpanishDental careNutrition
Cepíllate, usa hilo dental y enjuágate/Brush, Floss, and Rinse (Hardcover)

by Amanda Doering Tourville

Picture Window Books
It’s important to take care of your teeth. Flossing and brushing should be part of your every day routine. What are some other ways to keep your teeth healthy?

Reading Level: K-2
Interest Level: K-2

ISBN:  9781404868892 / 1-4048-6889-5
Publisher:  Picture Window Books
Brand:  Bilingual Nonfiction Picture Books
Copyright: 2012
Language: Bilingual
Page Count:  24
Page Dimensions:  10 x 10
Binding:  Reinforced Library Binding

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Children's Literature Comprehensive Database - Carlee Hallman

Kyle and Alan brush their teeth every night and every morning. Their mom helps them floss. Alan asks for a new toothbrush when the bristles of his toothbrush are bent. When he plays hockey on the ice rink, he wears a mouth guard. The boys choose apples for a snack instead of cookies. Alan appears to be the big brother, and he pours milk for them to drink. After brushing and flossing they use a fluoride rinse. Kyle and Alan go to the dentist for checkups. Two simple sentences of text appear per two-page spread. A framed note gives further information, such as: “Everyone should have his or her teeth cleaned and checked once or twice a year.” The brightly-colored, ink-and-watercolor illustrations show children of Asian heritage. This is part of the “How to Be Healthy” series. A list of other books, a web site address, and a short index are included.

January 1, 2009