Everyone Feels Sad Sometimes

Dewey: 152.4
This title covers these subjects:  Children -- Conduct of lifeEmotionsSadness

Everyone Feels Sad Sometimes (Hardcover)

by Marcie Aboff

Picture Window Books
It’s OK to feel sad. What does being sad feel like? What does it look like? How can you help sadness go away? Everyone feels sad sometimes.

Reading Level: K-2
Interest Level: K-2
Lexile Level: AD 350L
Accelerated ReaderATOS Level: 1.7
AR Points: 0.5
AR Quiz Number: 134550
Early Intervention Level: 15

ISBN:  9781404857551 / 1-4048-5755-9
Publisher:  Picture Window Books
Brand:  Nonfiction Picture Books
Copyright: 2010
Language: English
Page Count:  24
Page Dimensions:  9 x 9
Binding:  Reinforced Library Binding

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Books That Heal Kids

Why They Are On My Bookshelf: At the end of each school year I go through all of my books. Part of my reorganization process is figuring out where the 'holes' are in my curriculum based on the needs of my school population. New books about feelings were at the top of my list. I have some really good solid reads on emotions but I also have some seriously outdated ones. I'm talking 1980's outdated with kids in acid wash jeans. So I began searching for a new series on feelings. I found the perfect set at Capstone Publishing. They are SUPER user friendly and can be used in a multipurpose fashion. I am absolutely integrating these into my feelings curriculum as a read aloud to classes. I feel confident when I'm reading them....I'll tell you more about that in a minute. They will also fit wonderfully into a small group setting. I have run a group in the past called "Fishing For My Feelings" and these will definitely boost those sessions. I also have a recommended list of books for parents to read to their children. These will DEFINITELY be on it. Another use will be in our school library. I spoke with our school librarian today and we decided to have a new shelf called - The School Counselor's Bookshelf. These will be books picked out by me for the kids to check out. Um, I think it's going to be a hit. So we decided to order another set of my new feelings series because these are definitely books kids could read alone. So let me share why I loved these immediately. They are simple and concrete. I know I'm not going to lose my audience. These are not over the top books. There is enough room allowing me to expand my teaching on feelings. They are the perfect length of about 22 or so pages. That's what I need for this age population. It's also awesome to just focus on one feeling at a time. Each book proposes solutions to an uncomfortable feeling. Here's an example from Everyone Feels Sad Sometimes: "Zack watches the other kids play kickball. Some of the kids told him he couldn't play. Zack looks at the ground. His throat feels tight." And then the next page gives a solution to the situation and feeling: "Zack talks to the kids. They let him play. Soon he's having a blast!" LOVE THAT! There's a lot of books out there explaining what a feeling is...but this goes further. It teaches kids it's sometimes necessary to do something with those feelings. Do something positive. I often remind the students there is no problem in life we can't find a solution matter how big or small. This also includes feelings. Don't overlook the power of sharing books on this subject matter. Kids desire the emotional guidance.

September 16, 2010