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Titanic: Disaster at Sea
This title covers these subjects: Shipwrecks., Titanic (Steamship)., Ocean travel.
Titanic: Disaster at Sea
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Titanic: Disaster at Sea

Experience all the drama and tragedy of Titanic inside the pages of this richly illustrated narrative. With a pull out poster and double gatefold diagram, Titanic: Disaster at Sea is brimming with facts, stories, and fascinating people. From the technological creativity of Titanic's construction to unselfish sacrifice in the face of disaster, this comprehensive book will satisfy readers with its exciting, up close look at this amazing true story of triumph and tragedy.

Reading LevelGrades 5-6
Interest LevelGrades 3-9
Lexile LevelIG 1140L
ATOS Level8.1
AR Points2
AR Quiz #148592
Early Intervention Level28
Text TypeInformational Text
PublisherCapstone Press
Page Dimensions10" x 11 3/4"
Page Count64
BindingTrade Hardcover
Trade Hardcover
School/Library Price



Amazon - Trisha

"This reviewer viewed this book in an e-reader format. I’ve read many books on the Titanic. Fiction, Non-Fiction, easy, hard. It is a subject that I’m immediately drawn to. This book written by Philip Wilkinson has many colorful illustrations. Within those colorful illustrations are small snippits of information throughout, much like a newspaper. This is the format I prefer when reading something historical. It has many photos of relics found from the shipwreck, small bio’s on many people on board, diagrams and charts. It is informative, visually pleasing and a fine book for the Titanic’s 100th Anniversary. There was even a snippit of information that I didn’t know from the other sources that I’ve read. And that was that 20 stewardesses (maids) on board wanted to stay and help the distressed passengers but the ship’s boss ordered them into lifeboats, 18 survived. A fine looking book, can’t wait to hold it in my hands." - Amazon

January 16, 2012

School Library Journal - Jody Kopple, Shady Hill School, Cambridge, MA

"The public's fascination with tragedies in general, and the Titanic in particular, is remarkably strong even 100 years after the disaster. This title provides a highly visual experience for students looking to learn about the ship, the people on it, and the events surrounding that infamous night in April 1912. Formatted in an attention-grabbing scrapbook style, each spread features period photographs, full-color artwork, a paragraph or two explaining a specific topic, and captions that highlight interesting facts. Some spreads also include a related time line that is a useful tool for outlining the happenings over the course of the night. The artwork seems to be computer-generated and has the appearance and texture of a virtual simulation game. The final few pages are dedicated to life after the disaster, including recent advances in modern ocean liners, the search for relics from Titanic, and how it is portrayed in books and films, all of which are interesting addenda. Libraries looking to update their collection for younger readers who are new to the subject will find this a solid companion to Simon Adams's Titanic (DK, 1999) or David Stewart's You Wouldn't Want to Sail on the Titanic (Watts, 2001)." - School Library Journal

March 1, 2012

San Francisco Book Review - Rosi Hollinbeck

"5 Stars! Few tragedies are as famous as the sinking of the Titanic one hundred years ago. Numerous books have been written, and movies and television shows have been produced. It is hard to believe there is much left to say on the subject, and yet Philip Wilkinson has a very fresh take on the topic. This is a highly detailed book, extraordinarily illustrated with photographs, charts, maps, and drawings that cover so many aspects of the ship and its tragic voyage. There is even a fold-out chart and poster. Each spread in the book has a different focus. Readers are treated to a history of the Golden Age of ocean liners and the building of the ship, what was on the ship, how things got onto the ship, what made it run, who worked on the Titanic, and who the passengers were. One can see what the accommodations looked like and how each passenger would live during the voyage, from the richest to the poorest. Readers are treated to the superstitions that surrounded the ship and the tragic stories of real people who lost lives and loved ones. Adults and children eight and up will be fascinated." - San Francisco Book Review

April 3, 2012


Kid Lit Reviews blog

"I love this book.  Mr. Wilkinson and the design team at Weldon Owen, plus publisher Capstone, have made a gem." - Kid Lit Reviews blog

February 3, 2012

ReaWrite blog

"I would absolutely recommend this book to both people looking to introduce their children to the story of the Titanic and those who are looking to add to their own Titanic book collection with something a little different." - ReaWrite blog

April 10, 2012

Booklist - Daniel Kraus

"This handsome, oversize title sets itself apart from this year’s other Titanic books by taking each segment of the journey and exploding it into a panoply of tidbits, sidebars, profiles, time lines, and anything else you can think of. It’s a veritable museum in book form, and it’s at its best when providing schemata for hard-to-describe facts, such as the distribution of lifeboats; the percentages of men, women, and staff who survived; how one too many water compartments became flooded; and so on. The four-page pull-out cutaway of the ship is among the finest yet produced, and is replicated on a poster that comes packaged with each book. The computer-generated illustrations of onboard life aren’t always up to snuff, but everything else, from the historical photos to the artifacts rescued from the ocean floor, is excellent. Even the oddest spread, about various curses and predictions, fascinates. The rapid pace and sparse back matter makes this of limited use as a resource, but it’s ideal for browsers—if this doesn’t hook them on the Titanic, what will?" - Booklist

April 1, 2012


NetGalley Review - Donna Compositor

"This would be an excellent picture book for any kid, from the cross section of the Titanic's floors to the drawings and photos littering the pages making the Titanic come alive again, it's a visual smorgasbord of Titanic awesomeness." - NetGalley Review

January 23, 2012

ForeWord Reviews - Melissa

"The tragedy of the Titanic has become a timeless tale about the feats and failures of modern engineering and the human spirit. This stunning, large-format book brings kids a comprehensive and fascinating look at the story just in time for the event’s one hundredth anniversary. This book sets out with an ambitious goal: to cover the construction of the Titanic; the lifestyle of the time; the voyage, tragedy, and aftermath; plus survivor stories and modern-day explorations. Wilkinson succeeds in this goal using thorough research and varied and engaging page layouts, including cut-away diagrams, illustrated scenes, and newspaper-style pages. The book features gorgeous artwork mixed elegantly with photographs of the ship and artifacts recovered from the wreck. Even the endpapers have artwork. A history of ocean liners, the construction of the Titanic, and the inner workings of the boat from the boiler to the bridge forms a kind of introduction. (This part is perfect for kids who like to know how things work.) Then the book discusses life on Titanic, from the luxury of the firstclass rooms and facilities to the crowded life of steerage. Before looking at the catastrophe itself, Wilkinson debunks myths about the voyage and presents a number of eerie predictions and premonitions of the ship's demise. The tragedy is detailed in a moment-by- moment timeline: beginning with the report of ice and ending when the rescue ship, Carpathia, docks in New York City. Wilkinson also highlights key figures in the story like Bruce Ismay, head of the White Star Line, Captain Edward John Smith, bandleader Wally Hartley, and passengers Margaret “Molly” Brown and Lady Duff Gordon. While there’s information on many aspects of the story, the book doesn’t lose sight of its main point—the causes and effects of the crash. In addition to the kid- friendly explanations throughout, there’s a short but effective reference section in the back with an index and glossary. Parents will love how the book visually keeps kids’ attention. Teachers will love how the crowded but clear page layouts give readers a thorough understanding of the information. Kids will love the book’s added bonuses: a fold out diagram of the ship and a poster. Titanic: Disaster at Sea is full of information and images that fuel the imagination. This artfully rendered historical record will captivate inquisitive readers of all ages." - ForeWord Reviews

April 1, 2012

Central Michigan University Public Radio’s “The Children’s Bookshelf” program - Sue Ann Martin

"... a mesmerizing visual narrative of old photographs, artist drawings, computer enhanced pictures, a gateway fold out, a poster, timelines and facsimiles. It is a direct, dramatic and compelling description of this disaster that took place 100 years ago. . . .Within the sixty-four pages the text and the illustrations blend so successfully that the book invites and will get reader engagement." - Central Michigan University Public Radio’s “The Children’s Bookshelf” program

April 11, 2012


Concert Katie blog - Katie

"The book does a great job of mixing modern day animations and photos with the snapshots from the Titanic as well.  Definitely a great book for any child who shows some interest in learning about the Titanic." - Concert Katie blog

February 1, 2012

Susan Heim on Parenting blog - Susan Heim

"This gorgeous book makes a wonderful gift for anyone who is fascinated by the Titanic, ships, or history. It’s perfect for sharing with children because they’ll love the rich illustrations and photographs, the short sections that can be read in brief sittings, and the interesting “story” that just happens to be true! I hope you’ll introduce your children to this pivotal event in history by sharing Titanic: Disaster at Sea with them." - Susan Heim on Parenting blog

August 5, 2012

Book Links

"This oversize title sets itself apart from other Titanic books by taking each segment of the journey and exploding it into a panoply of tidbits, sidebars, profiles, time lines, and more. Illustrations of onboard life, historical photos, artifacts, and a pull-out cutaway of the ship make this title ideal for browsers." - Book Links

September 1, 2012

Philip Wilkinson

Philip Wilkinson

Philip Wilkinson has written more than 60 books, mainly in the fields of history, architecture, and the arts. His titles include the award-winning Amazing Buildings, A Celebration of the Customs and Rituals of the World, which was endorsed by the United Nations, and the bestselling What the Romans Did For Us, the book of the BBC TV series of the same name. He lives in England and the Czech Republic, and enjoys exploring the old buildings and historical sites of these countries, and giving talks about them.

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