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Zombies vs. Mummies: Clash of the Living Dead

The stench of rotting flesh fills the air. If theres one zombie nearby, there is sure to be many. Packs of hungry undead zombies can be tough to defeat. But with magic spells and undead strength, mummies are powerful monsters too. Learn the strengths and abilities of these undead creatures, and then see which one will be defeated for the last time! This CapReader ebook features text highlighting and voice narration to make the reading experience interactive.

Michael O'Hearn

Michael O'Hearn

Michael O'Hearn published his first book in 2007, a graphic novel following the story of Henry Ford as he built the Model T automobile. He has since published many other books and continues to write both nonfiction and fiction. Michael lives in Connecticut with his wife, Karen, his daughter, Kendal, and her stuffed kitty, Meowy. When he's not busy writing, he likes to write and record songs, work on cars, trim bonsai trees, and read.

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